Tori Griffin

Knox County Commission, TN

Tori Griffin is a proud Knoxvillian, born in Fort Sanders Hospital in 1981, growing up in North Knoxville and graduating from Fulton High School in 1999. While a political science major at Morehouse College in Atlanta, a professor frequently told him that all politics are local. Since college, Tori has worked on issues in Tennessee and nationally, including tax reform, labor, organizing congregations post-Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, marijuana legalization, and prison reentry.

His experience as a White House intern under President William J. Clinton and working on Al Gore’s presidential race in 2000 and the election of President Barack Obama showed Tori that Washington, DC, is important. Nashville is important. However, the decisions made at home impact our families on a daily basis.

Knox County residents need better jobs with living wages, an education system that attracts the best and the brightest to educate our students (not just test them), economic development that ensures the entire county benefits from growth in our area, efficient and reliable services, and a government that works for all.

It’s time for some new ideas and a fresh perspective. Tori is ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work for you making our county a better and fairer place for everyone.