How We Help

Since launching in January 2017, Run for Something has recruited nearly 100,000 people across all 50 states to run for state or local office. 

We provide a safety net for new and exciting progressive leaders — at all stages of their journey — helping them run efficient, strategic, grassroots, driven campaigns while feeling supported throughout the process.

If you don’t take our word for it, hear how we help from Run for Something candidates, partners, mentors, volunteers, and alumni.


Our Regional Directors work directly with candidates and campaign staff on whatever problems might arise — we’re available by phone, text, and even in person.

Terrell McKinney, Nebraska

Nebraska State Senator, serving District 11

“Campaigning during a pandemic is difficult in itself. Especially campaigning during a pandemic with social unrest in your community. It was difficult at times and Midwest Regional Director Kandice Harris, she always reached out to me and showed support and lent an ear when I needed it.”

JB Smiley, Jr., Tennessee

Member of the Memphis City Council, serving Super District 8-1

“The closer it came to early voting and Election Day, I needed some on-ground support, and the Regional Director Tariq Smith came down to Memphis TN, knocked on doors… but also talked campaign strategy and making sure we were focused going into Election Day. Out of that conversation, we knew that we needed to focus on areas with high voter turnout.”

Elaissia Sears, Arizona

West Mesa District Judge for the Maricopa County Justice Court

“[The Regional Director] would literally come down to Arizona and meet with me, whether it was for fundraising or having a hard time with being a millennial and a first-time candidate, and not having the support that older and more seasoned people have when it comes to running elections.”

Nithya Raman, California

Member of the Los Angeles City Council, serving District 4

“[The Regional Director, Andrea] was on call for me whenever I needed, and who, when we had a very tough set of choices, like how do you do safe in-person campaigning at all during a pandemic… she sat there and answered all of those questions and told me what candidates in other states across America were doing…”


We connect partner organizations with candidates who need their help, leveraging our national scale for local races.

Sarah Ullman, California

RFS Partner & Founder of One Vote At A Time

“We focus on servicing candidates that wouldn’t otherwise have access to a really beautifully produced, powerful campaign video. Run for Something always comes through with the best people, and they’re vetted and we know that we can trust their recommendations.”

Lina Hidalgo, Texas

County Judge for Harris County

“Starting out, Run for Something was a seed. When the powers-that-be didn’t support me, Run for Something was there as one of our earliest endorsements … [They] connected me with One Vote At A Time, a group of women filmmakers that helped make top-tier campaign videos for candidates like me across the country. They made a beautiful, powerful video that we used in ads, on TV, and on social media.”


We only endorse the all-stars — those are the folks we deeply engage with, track, and promote to others to help build momentum.

Anna Eskamani, Florida

Florida State Representative, serving the 47th District

“[Run for Something was] one of the first organizations to endorse us, which really not only meant a lot to a young, first-time candidate but also helped propel us into the national spotlight…We received endorsements from Flippable, People for the American Way, and President Barack Obama. It was Run for Something that really helped us start with that momentum.”


If you’ve read a national story about a young person running for office, we probably played a part in it. We get our folks into the spotlight.

Hadiya Afzal, Illinois

Former candidate for DuPage County Board, serving District 4

“Run for Something helped put our race in the national conversation, which we never thought would happen for a local race like ours… They helped us get great media attention with outlets like Goodwerk, and then a bigger piece from the Huffington Post, which later led to more profiles by news outlets like Mother Jones, CNN and Teen Vogue.”


The most critical part of a campaign is the people involved — our community of candidates and volunteers support one another.

Kelly O’Donnell, New York

RFS Volunteer & Scheduler to New York State Senator Andrew Gounardes

“I don’t know, personally, where my career in state government is going to go, but I can say with certainty that it started with Run for Something. I joined as a volunteer… and I was immediately inspired, empowered, and supported by the staff.”


Our network of 500+ experts around the country provides free one-on-one advice to candidates on every topic under the sun.

Jennifer Hennings, California

RFS Mentor & Executive Presentation Coach

“[The candidate and I] worked together to craft a 30-second mini stump speech and a 60-second mini stump speech that she could use to engage people in conversation and connect with them right off the tab from that very first hello.”


 In 2020, we organized an investment committee to directly fund our top endorsed candidates in Texas and Pennsylvania. We hope to expand to even more target states in the future.

Throughout the year, we also find ways to leverage our national audience to spotlight candidates and recruit new donors for their local campaigns.

Malcolm Kenyatta, Pennsylvania

Member of the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives serving District 181

“Run for Something didn’t just say, ‘Malcolm, run for office.’ They actually connected me with their partners across the country. They connected me with mentorship and gave me advice. And most importantly, for any campaign, the Run for Something Ascend program actually gave me the resources to help me be competitive in my race.”

Christian Menefee, Texas

Harris County Attorney

“When I announced my campaign last year to run against a 12 year incumbent in the primary, there were few organizations that were prepared to stand by our side. Run for Something was one of those organizations. They provided us with not just a campaign mentor… but they also set up a campaign contribution operation, which helped African American candidates across the country raise money, including myself.”


We provide resources, webinars, trainings, and a network of folks who help candidates around the clock — all for free or at cost.

Tyler Murphy, Kentucky

Member of the Fayette County Board of Education

“[Run for Something’s support] included Amanda, our regional field director, coming down to Lexington and meeting with me in the early stages of the campaign, connecting me with vendors and really talented campaign staff, an exceptional graphic and web design team, and just folks to talk to: mentors and confidants to be sounding boards and bounce ideas off of…”


Our alumni give back, by mentoring up-and-coming candidates and ensuring everyone is a part of this movement.

Priya Bhat-Patel, California

Carlsbad Mayor Pro Tem

“One of the things that I really enjoy about Run for Something is that they provide the resources that anyone, regardless of where you’re at in terms of your life, will need to run a successful campaign, and make sure you’re doing it at a very low cost or for free… I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with Run for Something as a mentor…”