Amanda Litman, Co-Founder and Executive Director
Hillary Clinton’s email director. (The other emails.) Responsible for raising more than $330 million online. Charlie Crist’s digital director when he ran for governor in 2014. One of the first employees at Organizing for Action as deputy email director. Email writer for Barack Obama’s re-elect. Northwestern University graduate. Bookworm. Feminist. Nationals fan. Dog owner.
Ross Morales Rocketto, Co-Founder & Chief Program and Recruitment Officer
Progressive political operative with 15 years of experience in campaign management, grassroots organizing, and data/analytics. In 2016, was an advisor at For Our Future. Previously managed Wendy Carrillo for Congress in CA-34 and was Principal at STG. Got his start working for former HUD Secretary Julian Castro's first campaign for Mayor of San Antonio.
Sarah Horvitz, National Political Director
Started organizing in high school for local school board candidates then slowly realized she could make a career out of it. Deputy Organizing Director for Hillary Clinton’s Virginia team, along with working for her campaign in the Iowa caucuses and 3 state primaries. Former consultant for BMWL & Partners in San Francisco. Current Chicago resident. Lover of skiing, neon colors, electing young people to office, and giraffes.
Lesley Lopez, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
First time candidate for Maryland General Assembly, running to represent District 39, one of the most ethnically diverse legislative districts in America. Alum of Congressional Hispanic Caucus and National Immigration Forum. Union member. Faculty at the George Washington University. Former broadcast journalist (BBC, ABC’s This Week, America’s Most Wanted). Lifetime Girl Scout. Wearer of Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow.
Robert Wrasse, Development Director
Forward-thinking fundraiser for progressive candidates and organizations. Former Deputy Director of Finance at Organizing for Action; Builder of online fundraising programs for Democratic campaigns; Grassroots fundraising staffer on Barack Obama’s re-elect. University of Michigan alumnus. Self-proclaimed connoisseur of 90’s music and popcorn.
Cassandra Gaddo, Director of People and Operations
People and operations professional, helping to empower amazing teams from the inside. Former nonprofit executive, including executive director of Step Up Chicago. Even more former journalist. Alumna of Loyola University Chicago (BA in Journalism) and Northwestern University (Masters of Public Policy and Administration). Driven by the belief that you can’t be what you can’t see. Ask me about feminism, education, or Chicago.
Tariq Smith, Lead Regional Director
Spent 2015 and 2016 trying to elect our first female President; spending 2018 making sure our first Millennial President kicks things off with a win in their first run for office. Corny joke aficionado, Bojangles' evangelist, and firm believer that Wilson (the volleyball) should have won Best Supporting Actor. Also trying to help kids pay for school and support their dreams. Never limit yourself by the expectations of others.
Amanda Clarke, Regional Director
Started volunteering on campaigns in 2013 and never looked back. Voter Registration Director and Deputy Organizing Director for Hillary Clinton's campaign in North Carolina. Originally from New Jersey and has organized in California, New York, and a lot of places in between. Lover of Asbury Park and Bruce Springsteen. Tattoo collector. Somewhere in between Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope.
Najaah Daniels, Regional Director
Known by her personal mantra: “First I am a public servant then I am everything else,” Najaah’s charismatic personality and devotion to public service allows her to connect with people from diverse backgrounds while empowering and mobilizing communities seeking social and political justice. Her experience includes being the youngest elected President of the NAACP New York State Youth and College Division, the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, and political campaigns including Hillary for America, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Nevada State Senator Patricia “Pat” Spearman’s congressional campaign. The eldest of 6 girls, Najaah credits her “monSTAR” sisters for being her toughest critics and biggest supporters.
Leslie Hauser, Director of Community
Politically energized in 2016, maker of 57 pussyhats, volunteer onboard team leader for Ameya Pawar for Illinois Governor. From Houston, lived in Chicago for 25 years, newly transplanted to Bay Area. Double Northwestern grad (College/Law School). Wine drinker. Fiction lover. Married, parent of daughter obsessed with "Hamilton" and graphic novels, soon adding a puppy to the family.
Marsha Gonzalez, Events & Special Projects Senior Manager
Watched The Wedding Planner in college and decided to pursue a career in event planning. After three years, found a way to combine a love of planning with a passion for change and began organizing fundraisers. Formerly organized a variety of events for RAND Corporation and Hispanas Organized for Political Equality and helped build and grow programs and events for millennials. Can frequently be found doing very cliché Southern California activities such as lounging in yoga pants, at brunch, drinking a green drink and wearing oversized sunglasses.
Tyler Goodridge, Digital Communications Manager
Lifelong social justice advocate with a passion for digital activism and mobilization. Formerly worked Planned Parenthood Action (PPFA) and the National Organization for Women (NOW). Graduate of Rutgers University (BA) and Georgetown University (MA). Current DC resident, but NYC Native. Lifelong theater nerd. Womanist. Unapologetic lover of disco music. Never ask me to participate in outdoor activities, the answer will always be no.
Ben Theodore, Alumni Manager
Program manager and metaphorical cheerleader. Formerly worked on supporting, retaining, and recognizing outstanding public school teachers in NYC and DC. Even more formerly, taught high school algebra. Local campaign volunteer, organizer, and Democratic agitator. Haverford College and George Washington University graduate. TFA alum. Mets fan. Sentient cat pillow. Wanderer of Brooklyn neighborhoods, parks, and museums.
Flonja Hoxha, Programs Assistant
Student at DePaul University & organizing in the Chicago ‘burbs. Intern for Hillary for America and Daniel Biss. Canvasser for PPFA and ACLU. Over caffeinated & under rested. Storyteller, news junkie, and lifelong Illinoisan. Has absolutely no chill. Probably reading @commentsbycelebs.

Our Board of Advisors

Cristobal Alex
Campaign operative
Amanda Brown
Former Political and Organizing Director, Democratic National Committee
Jon Carson
Former Executive Director of OFA & Obama 2008 Field Director
Brad Elkins
Campaign operative
Teddy Goff
Digital & tech for Obama 2008, Obama 2012, and Hillary 2016
Sabrina Hersi Issa
CEO, Be Bold Media
Omar Khan
Obama campaign & admin alum
Andy MacCracken
Student advocate
Aneesa McMillan
Director of Strategic Communications, Priorities USA
Caitlin Mitchell
Former Chief Mobilization Officer, Democratic National Committee
Jen O'Malley Dillon
Partner, Precision Strategies
Charles Olivier
Global Financial Operations, Google
Emmy Ruiz
Campaign operative

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