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Join Our 2021 Host Committee!

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For as little as $8 a month, you can have a guaranteed spot for our virtual and eventual (knock on wood) in-person events for the entire year! That includes our upcoming Front Row Seat Series, Unapologetically Progressive events, Alumni Awards, and so much more!  


Unapologetically Progressive & Latinx!

Meet some dynamic candidates running for office in 2021 who will change the face of local politics!


Canek Aguirre, Candidate for Alexandria City Council, VA
Gabriela Santiago-Romero, Candidate for Detroit City Council, District 6, MI
Jason Chavez, Candidate for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 9, MN
Sophia Mayott-Guerrero,
Candidate for Lakewood City Council, Ward 2, CO
Christopher Jaramillo, Candidate for Norristown Area School District Board of School Directors, PA

Moderated by Rhode Island State Senator, Cynthia Mendes

Looking to learn more about Run for Something, or just want to kick it with some of our amazing candidates? Then join us at one of our events! If you’d like to host an event, email our Senior Events Manager, Marsha!


June 2021

June 30: See Yourself Running: A Webinar for LGBTQIA+ Candidates Pride (Virtual Candidate Webinar)

June 24: Unapologetically Progressive & Proud (Virtual)

May 2021

May 13: Unapologetically Progressive & AAPI (Virtual)

May 6: RFS House Party featuring Amanda Litman (Virtual Event)

April 2021

Apr 27: RFS House Party featuring Michelle Hinchey and Laura Nordstrom (Virtual Event)

March 2021

Mar 25: Unapologetically Progressive Women (Virtual)

Mar 22: Black Women Run: A Webinar For Black Female Candidates (Virtual Candidate Webinar)

Mar 18: RFS House Party featuring DeAndrea Salvador and Amanda Septimo (Virtual Event)

Mar 4: RFS House Party featuring Rui Xu and Francesca Hong (Virtual Event)

February 2021

Feb 27: Looking Forward To It: A Comedy Fundraiser with Josh Gondelman (Virtual Event)

Feb 25: See Yourself Running: A Webinar for Black Candidates (Virtual Candidate Webinar)

Feb 18: Unapologetically Progressive & Black (Virtual Event)

Feb 23: Strategic Planning Debrief (Virtual Donor Event)

Feb 11: RFS House Party (Virtual Event)

January 2021

Jan 28: Learn More About Local Politics Debrief (Virtual Briefing)

Jan 20: Dawning of A New Day: DC Yoga Event (Virtual Event)

Jan 19: Run for Something 4th Anniversary Event (Virtual Event)

Jan 19: National Run for Office Day

December 2020

Dec 3: Off the Record (Virtual Event)

October 2020

Oct 20: Unapologetically Progressive in Florida (Virtual Series)

Oct 15: Pass the Torch (Virtual Event)

Oct 13: Unapologetically Progressive in Pennsylvania (Virtual Series)

Oct 13: Lowdown on Publishing with Jenny Han and more! (Virtual Event)

Oct 1: Unapologetically Progressive in Arizona (Virtual Series)

September 2020

Sept 17: Partnership event with NDTC featuring Aimy Steele and Senator Cory Booker (Virtual Series)

Sept 15: Unapologetically Progressive in Michigan (Virtual Series)

August 2020

Aug 25: Unapologetically Progressive in Texas (Virtual Series)

July 2020

July 8: Armchair Chair with Anthony Mercurio (Virtual Webinar)

July 1: Armchair Chat with Lis Smith (Virtual Webinar)

June 2020

June 25: Front Row Seat Encore: PRIDE and Prejudice (virtual panel)

June 15: RFS and Victory Fund: Young, Queer and Electable (Virtual Panel)

June 4: Democracy in One Book or Less w/ David Litt and Keegan Michael-Key (virtual fundraiser)

June 9: House Party with Run for Something (virtual fundraiser)

May 2020

May 4: Front Row Seat Encore (virtual panel)

May 21: Drink for Something (virtual fundraiser)  

April 2020

April 23: Drink for Something 2.0 (virtual fundraiser)

April 13 – 16: Front Row Seat (virtual panel)

March 2020

March 31: Drink for Something 1 (virtual fundraiser)

February 2020

February 7: Pasadena Fundraiser

February 6: L.A. Fundraiser

February 6: L.A. Comedy Event

February 5: San Francisco Fundraiser

December 2019

December 6: NYC Donor Event

October 2019

October 24: NYC Fundraiser

October 3: Panel Discussion in NYC

September 2019

September 17: Fundraiser in San Francisco

September 11: Meet-Up in Los Angeles

September 10:
 Meet-Up in Hollywood

August 2019

August 24: RFS Fundraiser in the Hamptons

June 2019

June 25: Fundraiser in Boston

June 19: Meet-up in Albuquerque

May 2019

May 25: Rooftop Meet-up in NYC


April 2019

April 16th: April Fundraiser in NYC

March 2019

March 21st: NYC Meet-Up

March 13th: Chicago Meet-Up

March 12th: Chicago Fundraiser

March 5th: Palo Alto Fundraiser

February 2019

February 1st: LA Party –  Next Collective and Run for Something

January 2019

January 24th: London – Fundraiser & Meet-Up

December 2018

December 6th: NYC – Fundraiser

October 2018

October 30th: Love Letter America x Run for Something

October 24th: San Francisco – Meetup

October 18th: Chicago – Fundraiser

October 17th: Chicago – Meetup

October 16th: NYC – Fundraiser

October 10th: D.C. – Meetup

October 4th: Madison, WI – Fundraiser

October 4th: NYC – Meet-up

October 4th: DC- Yoga Event

September 2018

September 27th: Los Angeles – Fundraiser

September 26th: Santa Monica – Fundraiser

September 20th: NYC – Fundraiser

July 2018

June 20th: South Hampton – Fundraiser

June 2018

June 29th: South Florida – Fundraiser

June 6th: Party for Something in DC – Fundraiser

May 2018

May 17th: New York City – Fundraiser

April 2018

April 29th: Westchester – Meet & Greet

April 26th: New York City – Fundraiser

April 17th: Chicago – Fundraiser with Cards Against Humanity

April 18th: Chicago – Fundraiser

March 2018

March 8th: New York City – Fundraiser

March 12th: Austin – Meet & Greet at SXSW

February 2018

February 7th: Washington, DC – Fundraiser with Emerge America

February 8th: Denver – Meet the Candidates

February 20th: New York City – Amanda Litman at Caveat with Dedicate It’s Emily Ludolph

February 22nd: Sacramento – Meet & Greet

February 27th: San Francisco – Fundraiser with Governor Howard Dean

January 2018

January 23rd: Los Angeles – Fundraiser

January 24th: Los Angeles – Panel

January 30th: New York City – Fundraiser

December 2017

December 14th: New York City – Dance Party Fundraiser

December 13th: New York City – Fundraiser

December 6th: New York City – Fundraiser

November 2017


November 10th: Los Angeles – Breakfast (invitation only)

November 10th: Los Angeles – Book Event!

November 8th: San Francisco – Salon

November 4th: San Francisco – Book Event!

November 1st: London – Fundraiser with Governor Howard Dean

October 2017

October 26th: New York City – Fundraiser

October 19th: New York City – Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? Party

October 17th: Washington, DC – Book Event!

October 3rd: New York City – Book Event!

June 2017

June 23rd: Rockville, MD – Meet & Greet

June 7th: Chicago – Fundraiser

June 5th: Washington, DC – Fundraiser

May 2017

May 25th: New York City – Kickoff Fundraiser

April 2017

April 6th: Bethesda, MD – Fundraiser