Monique Hardial

Nassau County Legislator, 03rd Legislative District, New York, NY

Monique Hardial is running in a Democratic Primary for Nassau County Legislator in Nassau’s 3rd Legislative District. Monique is an Attorney and a Women’s Rights & Community Advocate. She is running to restore Ethics, Integrity, and Accountability to the Nassau County Legislature.

If elected she will be the only Latina to serve on the 19 body legislature and only one of two women of color. Monique believes that a representative government reflective of all of the people living in Nassau County is paramount to creating a county that is equitable for its people. Monique is a Mother of two boys and as such is fighting for her seat at the table as a MOM, to ensure that legislation is drafted surrounding affordable childcare, universal pre-k, pay equity, combating the rising maternal mortality rate and so much more, and is done so with the understanding of the value that women contribute both to the labor force and at home raising their children.