Aaron Chess

Peoria City Council At-Large, IL

Aaron chess 21 years old is a native of Peoria, IL who is running to become the next Peoria city councilman- At Large in the city of Peoria. Inspired by then Senator Obama Presidential Campaign back in 2007 Aaron has been active on various politicalu campaigns ranging from President Obama’s Re-election campaign in 2012 to congressional and local campaigns. During his senior year at Richwoods highschool Aaron advocated for adding a student delegate seat to the Peoria public school’s school board. The motion was adopted and now thanks to Aaron three students from each of the three high schools in Peoria now have a student delegate seats. Aaron is the youngest candidate on the ballot and is currently pursuing his bachelors in political science / Pre-Law from Western Illinois University. His main focus of his campaign is “investing in the youth” in which plans to help provide better opportunities for disenfranchised youth.