November 2022

The Guardian | Why the Democrats’ biggest wins of the midterms weren’t in Washington DC | 11/18/22

NPR | Maxwell Frost elected as the first Gen Z member of Congress | 11/8/22

Dame Magazine | High Schoolers Are Ready to Fix Your School Board | 11/7/22

Teen Vogue | Gen Z Candidates Raising Funds for 2022 Midterms Campaigns Are Defying Expectations | 11/1/22

October 2022

The Root | Run for Something Political Director Quentin Savwoir Wants Us To Fight To Preserve Our Democratic Process | 10/28/22

AP News | Conspiracy pushers target races for local election posts | 10/25/22

NBC News |  Liberal parents are joining the school culture wars — but conservatives are way ahead | 10/22/2022

them | Electing LGBTQ+ People to Local Office Is Key to Saving Our Rights | 10/10/2022

Chegg Life | You should run for office in your 20s. This group wants to help. | 10/5/2022

September 2022

Time | Time Next100: Ross Morales Rocketto And Amanda Litman | 9/28/22

August 2022

The New Yorker | Blueprinting the Kansas Abortion-Rights Victory | 08/7/22

Politico | So… What’s The Deal With Kansas? | 08/05/22

Open Secrets | Gen Z candidates running have collectively raised over $734,000 for 2022 state races | 08/5/22

July 2022

Time | Backers of the ‘Big Lie’ Are Trying to Run Local Elections. Democrats Are Finally Fighting Back | 07/27/22

SiriusXM | Lurie Daniel Favors W/ Amanda Litman | 7/19/22

CBS News | Democrats see surge in women interested in running for office in a post-Roe America | 07/14/22

USA Today | ‘A Galvanizing Moment’: The Fight For Abortion Rights Goes Local In State Elections | 7/11/22

NPR | The First Gen Z Candidates Are Running For Congress — And Running Against Compromise | 7/6/22

Daily Kos | GOOD: Dems raise $80M since SCOTUS killed Roe. BAD: Hardly any went to STATE races. Let’s fix that! | 07/5/22

News Nation | Democrats Swiftly Raised $80M After Court Overturned Roe | 7/2/22

June 2022

Law Dork | The Supreme Court Still Isn’t Done With Us | 06/27/22

Time | The Failure Of The Feminist Industrial Complex | 06/24/22

The Washington Post | Liberal Groups Devote Millions To Blocking GOP Election Deniers | 06/22/22

May 2022

Parents | How Parents Can Run for Local Office | 5/31/22

NPR | Progressives Take A Leaf Out Of The Conservative Playbook To Target School Boards | 5/31/22

TIME| ‘It’s An Apathy Remover.’ The End Of Roe Could Galvanize Democrats’ Burned-Out Base | 5/5/22

April 2022

Washington Post | Hungry For Change, Gen Z Tries Something New: Running For Local Office | 4/21/22

Crooked Media: What A Day | You Better Clerk: Interview With Run for Something (Podcast) | 4/20/22

Wonkette | MAGA Nazis Running For Local Election Positions! Hey What If Democrats … RAN AGAINST THEM? | 4/19/22

Politico | Fighting Trump, Dems Launch Plan To Elect Thousands Of Local Election Supervisors | 4/18/22

The Hill | Democrats Recruiting Thousands Of Candidates For Election Administration Offices Through 2024 | 4/18/22

Axios | Dem Group Launches Plan To Elect Local Election Officials | 4/18/22

Eyewitness News | Looking For A New Job? These Companies Are Piloting A 4-Day Workweek | 4/15/22 

Business Insider | Democrats Are Just One Heartbeat Away From Losing Control Of The Senate. We Analyzed How Precarious Their ‘Gerontocracy’ Majority Really Is | 4/15/22

Rolling Stone | Banned Books Are About to Be the New Pussy Hats | 4/13/22

Larchmont Buzz | HODG “Looking Local” Candidate Series: Jimmy Biblarz | 4/12/22 

Salon | Stealth School Board Candidates Are Everywhere: But “Stop The Steal” Isn’t Working For Them | 4/6/22

March 2022

TIME | Culture Wars Could Be Coming To A School Board Near You| 3/23/22

The Stakes (Newsletter) | The Big Picture |

Jezebel | There Was Boundless Energy For Women Candidates In 2018. Now, Just Apathy | 3/18/22

Los Angeles Times | ‘What So Many People Told Us Was Impossible’: Progressives Promote Early Midterm Success | 3/4/22

Book Riot | How Much Does A Book Challenge Cost?: This Week’s Book Censorship News | 3/4/22

February 2022

Midday | Run for Something’s Amanda Litman On Democracy-Building | 2/18/22

Elle UK | Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Are Getting Involved In Politics | 2/18/22

MSNBC: Rachel Maddow Show | Wave Of New Candidates Eager To Counter Wave Of Right-Wing Activists In Local Elections | 2/15/22

Teen Vogue | It’s Time For You To Run For Office | 2/15/22

MSNBC: American Voices | How To Stop The GOP’s School Board Takeover | 2/6/22

The Ezra Klein Show | ‎The Ezra Klein Show: Democrats Chase Shiny Objects. Here’s How To Build Real Power | 2/1/22

January 2022

Democracy Dockett | You Should Run For Local Office. Here’s Why | 1/26/22

Crooked Media | “New Year, New Biden.” | 1/25/22

Vox | Democrats’ Voting Rights Push In Congress Is Over. The Fight For Democracy Isn’t. | 1/20/22

Elle | Far-Right Extremists Are Mobilizing To Take Over Local Offices. Here’s How To Stop Them | 1/16/22

NYTimes | Fury Alone Won’t Destroy Trumpism. We Need A Plan B. | 1/6/22


December 2022

Maryland Matters | On two new county councils, more diversity, newcomers and some reinvigorated leaders | 12/7/22
(Krystal Oriadha, Prince George’s County Council, District 7, MD)

The New Republic | The Work of Democracy Is Not Only a Group Endeavor | 12/6/22
(Mallory McMorrow, Michigan Senator D-8, MI)

The Arab American News | Midterms 2022: A new wave of Muslim and Arab American politicians have been elected | 12/6/22
(Nabeela Syed, Illinois House, District 51, IL, and Sami Scheetz, Iowa House, District 78, IA)

CPR News | State Rep. Brianna Titone is working on a bill to protect families who come to Colorado for gender-affirming care | 12/5/22
(Brianna Titone, Colorado House, District 27, CO)

MSNBC | Discussing AAPI Voter Advocacy in the Senate Runoff Election | 12/4/22
(Nabeela Syed, Illinois House, District 51, IL, Zaynab Mohamed, Minnesota Senate, District 63, MN, and Munira Abdullahi, Ohio House, District 9, OH)

Vox | The next Congress will be the most representative of Latino identity ever | 12/3/22
(Yadira Caraveo, State House of Representatives, District 31[2020], CO & U.S. House of Representatives, Colorado-08 [2022])

NPR | After record election year, some LGBTQ lawmakers face a new challenge: GOP majorities | 12/3/22
(Zooey Zephyr, Montana House, District 100, MT) 

PBS News | How Muslim American candidates made history in the midterms | 12/2/22
(Ruwa Romman, Georgia House, District 97, GA)

Teen Vogue | Muslim Candidates in the 2022 Midterms Won a Record Number of Seats | 12/1/22
(Aisha Yaqoob, Georgia House, District 97, GA)

November 2022

Yahoo News | How Aisha Wahab Beat The Naysayers To Become California’s First Muslim State Senator | 11/25/22
(Aisha Wahab, California Senate, District 10, CA)

News 8 WROC Rochester | Senator Brouk wants every pregnant person to have access to the birthing experience she had | 11/24/22
(Samra Brouk, New York Senate, District 55, NY)

Wichita Eagle | JoCo lawmaker made history as first gay man in KS House. He’s now running to lead Democrats | 11/23/22
(Brandon Woodard, Kansas House, District 30, KS)

Georgia Public Broadcasting | Ruwa Romman feels ‘huge responsibility’ as first Muslim woman elected to the Georgia House | 11/22/22
(Ruwa Romman, Georgia House, District 97, GA)

The 19th News | Kyra Harris Bolden will be the first Black woman on Michigan’s Supreme Court | 11/22/22
(Kyra Harris Bolden, Michigan State Legislature, D-35, MI)

The Detroit News | Gov. Gretchen Whitmer makes historic pick for Michigan Supreme Court vacancy | 11/22/22
(Kyra Harris Bolden, Michigan House, District 35, Southfield, MI)

10 Tampa Bay | Tampa’s Driskell makes history as first Black woman elected to lead party in state House | 11/22/22
(Fentrice Driskell, House District 63, Florida, FL)

The Michigan Daily | City Council elects councilmember Travis Radina for Ann Arbor mayor pro tem | 11/22/22
(Travis Radina, Ann Arbor City Council, Ward 3, MI)

ABC7 News | Hayward city council member Aisha Wahab becomes 1st Muslim, Afghan American elected to CA senate | 11/21/22
(Aisha Wahab, California Senate, District 10, CA)

The Seattle Times | Republicans hit blue wall in WA: Meet your new state Legislature | 11/21/22
(Emily Randall, Washington Senate, District 26, WA)

StarTribune | Minnesota voters sweep in the state’s most diverse Legislature | 11/19/22
(Zaynab Mohamed, Minnesota Senate, District 63, MN, María Isa Pérez-Hedges, Minnesota House, District 65B, MN, and Samantha Sencer-Mura, Minnesota House, D-63A, MN)

San Mateo Daily Journal | Noelia Corzo is San Mateo County’s District 2 supervisor | 11/18/22
(Noelia Corzo, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, District 2, CA) 

Laist | New Faces To Occupy Nearly Half The Seats On LA City Council | 11/18/22
(Hugo Soto-Martinez, Los Angeles City Council, District 13, CA) 

Daily Montanan | ‘I’m humbled it gets to be me’: Zephyr to be the first out trans woman in Montana Legislature | 11/18/22
(Zooey Zephyr, Montana House, District 100, MT) 

The ‘Gander Newsroom | Michigan Voted in Favor of Public Education in the Midterms | 11/18/22
(Jaime Churches, Michigan House, District 27, MI) 

90.5 WESA | Allegheny County’s political leadership grows younger and more diverse | 11/18/22
(Sara Innamorato, Pennsylvania House, District 21, PA, Latasha Mayes, Pennsylvania House, District 24, PA, and Bethany Hallam, Allegheny County Council, At-Large, PA)

Pride Source | Historical Number of LGBTQ+ Candidates Win Across the Country on Election Day | 11/15/22
(Zooey Zephyr, Montana House, District 100, MT, Sarah McBride, Delaware Senate, District 1, DE, Joe Vogel, Maryland House, District 17, MD, Venton Jones, Texas House, District 100, TX, Tiara Mack, Rhode Island Senate, District 6, RI, Krystal Oriadha, and Prince George’s County Council, District 7, MD)

The Colorado Sun | The eight Colorado legislative districts Democrats flipped from the GOP this year, from Colorado Springs to the Western Slope | 11/16/22
(Dyland Roberts, Colorado Senate, District 8, CO) 

KUT Austin | How political action committees transformed school board races in Round Rock and Leander | 11/15/22
(Francesca Romans, Leander ISD School Board, Place 6, TX)

The Washington Post | Muslim Americans make historic gains in midterm elections | 11/14/22
(Nabeela Syed, Illinois House, District 51, IL)

CNN | Georgia candidate makes history as first known Muslim and Palestinian woman elected to state House | 11/13/22
(Ruwa Romman, Georgia House, District 97, GA)

NBC News | Meet the 23-year-old Indian American who flipped a Republican Illinois district | 11/11/22
(Nabeela Syed, Illinois House, District 51, IL)

KSTP-TV | ‘I feel really grateful and really humbled’: 2 women make political history in Minnesota | 11/11/22
(Lori Saroya, Blaine City Council, Ward 1, MN and Mai Chong Xiong, Ramsey County Commissioner, District 6, MN) 

The Washington Post | Gen Z announces itself in midterms with Democratic boost, historic wins | 11/11/22
(Nabeela Syed, Illinois House, District 51, IL and Joe Vogel, Maryland House, District 17, MD)

Daily Kos | Muslim Americans win in record numbers, at least 12 make history as firsts in their state | 11/11/22
(Nabeela Syed, Illinois House, District 51, IL, Nabilah Islam, Georgia Senate, District 7, GA, Zaynab Mohamed, Minnesota Senate, District 63, MN, Munira Abdullahi, Ohio House, District 9, OH, and Ruwa Romman, Georgia House, District 97, GA)

The American Prospect | Dems Snatch Up Colorado’s Toughest Race | 11/10/22
(Yadira Caraveo, State House of Representatives, District 31[2020], CO & U.S. House of Representatives, Colorado-08 [2022])

Yahoo News | Daughter of Vietnamese refugees to become San Bernardino’s first Asian American mayor | 11/10/22
(Helen Tran, Mayor of San Bernadino, CA)

shethepeople | Indian-American Nabeela Syed, 23, Scripts History In US Mid-Term Elections | 11/10/22
(Nabeela Syed, Illinois House, District 51, IL)

The Daily Beast | How Abortion Saved Democrats at the State Level | 11/10/22
(Mallory McMorrow, Michigan Senator D-8, MI)

13WMAZ | At 29, she’s made history twice after winning a Georgia election seat | 11/9/22
(Ruwa Romman, Georgia House, District 97, GA)

InForum | ‘Muslim with a hijab’ blazes trail as new North Dakota lawmaker | 11/9/22
(Hamida Dakane, North Dakota House, District 16, ND)

The Trace | Young, History-Making Candidates Ran on Gun Violence Prevention — and Won | 11/9/22
(Nabeela Syed, Illinois House, District 51, IL, Nabilah Islam, Georgia Senate, District 7, GA, Zaynab Mohamed, Minnesota Senate, District 63, MN, Joe Vogel, Maryland House, District 17, MD, and Ruwa Romman, Georgia House, District 97, GA)

11 Alive | Nabilah Islam makes history in Georgia with Senate win | 11/9/22
(Nabilah Islam, Georgia Senate, District 7, GA,)

Sahan Journal | Mai Chong Xiong elected Minnesota’s first Hmong county commissioner. | 11/9/22
(Mai Chong Xiong, Ramsey County Commissioner, District 6, MN)

LGBTQNation | More history-making LGBTQ candidates have been elected to state legislatures across the country | 11/9/22
(Tiara Mack, Rhode Island Senate, D-6, RI and Zooey Zephyr, Montana House, District 100, MT)

KNAU Arizona Public Radio | Suburbs are now the most diverse areas in America | 11/8/22
(Jasmine Clark, State House District 108, Georgia, GA)

Sahan Journal | Samantha Sencer-Mura elected as the first Japanese American legislator in Minnesota. | 11/8/22
(Samantha Sencer-Mura, Minnesota House, D-63A, MN)

Sahan Journal | Zaynab Mohamed makes history as youngest woman elected to Minnesota Senate. | 11/8/22
(Zaynab Mohamed, Minnesota Senate, District 63, MN)

Montgomery Advertiser | Phillip Ensler wins House District 74 in first Democratic state house flip since 2010 | 11/8/22
(Phillip Ensler, Alabama House, District 74, AL)

The Arizona Republic | Maricopa County attorney: Voters to decide between Rachel Mitchell, Julie Gunnigle | 11/8/22
(Julie Gunnigle, Maricopa County Attorney, AZ) 

Fortune | ‘There’s so much unchecked pain’: A West Virginia town heads to the polls as it
grapples with an opioid crisis and an HIV outbreak |11/7/22
(Joe Solomon, Charleston City Council, At-large, WV)

The Guardian | ‘We’re at risk’: the little-known races that could expand Republican power |11/7/22
(Eva Burch, Arizona Senate, D-9, AZ)

TIME | Women Could Win Both Top Spots in Government for the First Time in These States | 11/7/22
(Kelly Krout, Arkansas House of Representatives, District 90, AR)

Mother Jones | How Voter Suppression and Gerrymandering by the Texas GOP Derails Environmental Justice | 11/7/22
(Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge, and Christian Menefee, Harris County Attorney, TX)

Greensboro News & Record | District 2: Former teachers both want to represent this Guilford County Board of Education district | 11/6/22
(Amanda Cook,Guilford County School Board, District 2, NC)

MPR News | Reading, writing, and legislating: Educators of color seek to shape Minnesota schools from the state Capitol | 11/5/22
(Samantha Sencer-Mura, Minnesota House, D-63A, MN)

The Austin Chronicle | Has Round Rock ISD Hit Rock Bottom? | 11/4/22
(Tiffanie Harrison, Round Rock Independent School District Board of Trustees, TX) 

The Arizona Republic | A good county attorney can keep us safe and keep people out of prison. I can do both | 11/3/22
(Julie Gunnigle, Maricopa County Attorney, AZ)

WTOP News | As road projects aim for faster commutes, Va. delegate Roem pushes to add safety | 11/3/22
(Danica Roem, House of Delegates, D-13, Manassas, VA)

The New Arab | Fatima Iqbal-Zubair: Meet the Muslim progressive taking on California’s Democrats | 11/2/22
(Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, California Assembly, D-64, CA) 

Arizona Mirror | Kari Lake says Arizona’s strict abortion laws will put more rapists in jail. Critics say that’s nonsense. | 10/26/22
(Julie Gunnigle, Maricopa County Attorney, AZ) 

Washington Post | GOP push to monitor voting in Texas’s Harris County spurs outcry | 11/1/22
(Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge, and Christian Menefee, Harris County Attorney, TX)

October 2022

Bay Area Reporter | Political Notes: California statehouse to be 1st with 10% of legislators LGBTQ | 10/31/22
(Christy Holstege, California Assembly, D-42, CA & Alex Lee, California Assembly, D-25, CA) 

The State | Will abortion debate oust Richland GOP lawmaker in SC House? His Dem challenger hopes so | 10/31/22
(Heather Bauer, South Carolina House, D-75, SC)

KNWA FOX24 | National PAC endorses some Bentonville School Board candidates | 10/27/22
(Letisha Hinds, Bentonville School Board, Zone 5, AR)

WRTV Indianapolis | Indiana lawmakers discuss raising kids while writing laws | 10/25/22
(Ali Brown, Indianapolis City County Council, D-5, IN)

The Sacramento Bee | AAPI Change Maker: Mai Vang, Sacramento’s first Hmong-American councilwoman | 10/25/22
(Mai Vang, Sacramento City Council, D-8, CA)

Politico | McMorrow’s viral moment drives cash windfall for Michigan state legislator | 10/25/22
(Mallory McMorrow, Michigan Senator D-8, MI)

Axios | The race to the middle in North Carolina’s “soccer mom district” | 10/25/22
(Sydney Batch, North Carolina Senate, D-17, NC)

LGBTQ Nation | Out State Senator Tiara Mack has already made history in Rhode Island. She’s not finished yet. | 10/20/22
(Tiara Mack, Rhode Island Senate, D-6, RI)

CBS News | Vote by mail: How one Colorado county secures its ballots | 10/23/22
(George Stern, Clerk and Recorder, Jefferson County, Colorado, CO)

Hollywood Life | Georgia’s Ruwa Romman Set To Be The First Muslim Women Elected To State Legislature: Exclusive | 10/21/22
(Ruwa Romman, Georgia House, District 97, GA) 

LGBTQ Nation | Out State Senator Tiara Mack has already made history in Rhode Island. She’s not finished yet. | 10/20/22
(Tiara Mack, Rhode Island Senate, D-6, RI)

News 4 San Antonio | McKee-Rodriguez’s effort to expand local non-discrimination ordinance gaining traction | 10/19/22
(Jalen McKee-Rodriguez, San Antonio City Council, D-2, TX)

Chegg Life | Meet the 21-year-old flutist who’s running for the Minnesota House | 10/19/22
(Ashton Ramsammy, Minnesota House, D-32A, MN)

Chegg Life | This 23-year-old was tired of complaining on social media — so he decided to run for office | 10/19/22
(Harrison Tuttle, Rhode Island Senate, D-31, RI)

Chegg Life | Trump’s presidency motivated Joe Vogel to get U.S. citizenship. Now, he’s running for office. | 10/19/22
(Joe Vogel, Maryland House, D-17, MD)

Pride Source | State House Candidate Joey Andrews Is Changing the Narrative About Southwest Michigan | 10/19/22
(Joey Andrews, MichiganHouse D-79, MI)

The 19th News | Abortion, democracy and the woman who could be Michigan’s first Black woman justice | 10/18/22
(Kyra Harris Bolden, Michigan State Legislature, D-35, MI)

Los Angeles Times | Latinas are an emerging force in Orange County politics | 10/16/22
(Andrea Marr, Costa Mesa City Council, D-3, CA)

KSBY California | Central Coast organizations partner up to get more Latinos to vote | 10/14/22
(Gloria Soto, Santa Maria City Council, D-3, CA)

CNN | Opinion: Who is at fault for America’s soaring gun violence? Experts weigh in | 10/13/22
(Dr. Aditi Bussells, Columbia City Council, At-Large, SC)

Chegg Life | Meet Mauree Turner, America’s first nonbinary state representative | 10/12/22
(Mauree Turner, Oklahoma House, District 88, OK)

The 19th News | Can Cheri Beasley build a winning coalition in North Carolina? | 10/11/22
(Aimy Steele, North Carolina House of Representatives, D-82, NC)

Miami News Times | Janelle Perez: Moderate Democrat in the Crosshairs of Miami Politics | 10/11/22
(Janelle Perez, Florida State Senate, D-37, FL)

TIME | Mallory McMorrow Tries To Channel Viral Fame Into Real Political Power | 10/3/22
(Mallory McMorrow, Michigan Senator D-8, MI)

The Guardian | Philadelphia’s Rising Democratic Star On Another School Shooting: ‘I Can’t Become Resigned To It’ | 10/2/22
(Malcolm Kenyatta, Pennsylvania State House, D-181, PA)

September 2022

Washington Post | Cleveland’s Black voters want tough oversight of cops. Will police allow it? | 9/26/22
(Justin Bibb, Mayor of Cleveland, OH)

Times News Express | Asian American Candidates In Illinois Aim To Break State Records — And ‘The Bamboo Ceiling’ | 9/13/22
(Hoan Huynh, Illinois House, D-13, IL)

August 2022

Florida Politics | Anna Eskamani Committee Targets High Schoolers In Latest Voter Registration Drive | 08/17/22
(Anna Eskamani State House of Representatives, D-47, FL)

Flatwater Free Press | A North Omaha senator traveled to Africa, toured slave castles and learned something about his hometown | 08/17/22
(Terrell McKinney, Nebraska State Legislature, D-11, NE)

Hollywood Life | Florida Candidate Janelle Perez Aims To Be First LGBTQ Woman in the State Senate: ‘Bring It’ | 08/16/22
(Janelle Perez, candidate for Florida Senate, D-37, FL)

The Sacramento Bee | California has the most non-English speakers. Why do lawmakers have to translate at meetings? | 08/15/22
(Wendy Carrillo, State House of Representatives, D-51, CA)

City and State NY | After a rough June primary in New York, insurgent progressive candidates are doubling down | 08/15/22
(Kristen Gonzalez, candidate for New York Senate, D-17, NY)

Courier Journal | How Kentucky abortion laws are driving me out of state for fertility care: Opinion | 08/15/22
(Kate Turner, candidate for Kentucky House, D-33, KY)

The Post-Journal | Senator Calls For Investigation Of Photocopied Zeldin Signatures | 08/09/22
(Zellnor Myrie, New York State Senate, D-20, NY)

Bolts | How Small Towns Are Working to Protect Abortion Rights from State Threats | 08/08/22
(Alison Maguire, Denton City Council, D-4, TX)

Footprint Coalition | How Senator Sydney Batch is fighting for climate justice in North Carolina | 08/05/22
(Sydney Batch, North Carolina Senate, D-17, NC)

The Tennessean | Jason Martin secures Tennessee Democratic gubernatorial nomination in narrow win over JB Smiley Jr. | 08/05/22
(JB Smiley, former candidate for Governor, TN)

Bklyner | Kaegan Mays-Williams Hopes to Unseat Senator Kevin Parker in District 21 by Being Proactive | 08/04/22
(Kaegan Mays-Williams, candidate for New York Senate, D-21, NY)

Steamboat Pilot and Today | Routt County Dems: Rep. Dylan Roberts is a champion for local small business | 08/03/22
(Dylan Roberts, State House of Representatives, D-26, CO)

Houston Public Media | Harris County will consider legal action against Texas over its selection for a 2022 election audit | 08/02/22
(Christian Menefee, Harris County Attorney, TX)

City And State NY | David Alexis decided to run for office when he realized his struggles weren’t his fault | 08/02/22
(David Alexis, candidate for New York Senate, D-21, NY)

The 19th News | A state senator posted a video of herself twerking. Then came the harassment and death threats. | 08/01/22
(Tiara Mack, Rhode Island Senate, D-6, RI)

July 2022

Go Local Prov | Political Profile: Jonathan Acosta, Candidate For Reelection (Senate District 16)| 7/31/22
(Jonathon Acosta, Candidate for Rhode Island Senate, D-16, RI)

Detroit Free Press | Mallory McMorrow’s Rising Star, Marshall Bullock’s Legislative Record Mark Democratic Race | 7/28/22
(Mallory McMorrow, Michigan Senate, D-8, MI)

WKSU | When In Need Of City Services, Clevelanders Call Council Members More Often Than City Hall | 7/27/22
(Rebecca Maurer, Cleveland City Council, Ward 12, OH)

Block Club Chicago | Can Campaign Finance Be Reformed In Chicago? Ald Wants $250 Cap On Donations From Insiders With ‘Outsized Influence’
(Matt Martin, Chicago Alderperson, 47th Ward, IL)

The Land | City’s 311 Call Center Slated For Improvements, More Accountability | 7/27/22
(Justin Bibb, Mayor of Cleveland, OH)

amNY | ‘Rikers Island Is A Hellhole’: City Pols, Corrections Department Spar Over Surprise Visit Amid Heatwave | 7/27/22
(Tiffany Cabán, New York City Council, D-22, NY) (Sandy Nurse, New York City Council, D-37, NY)

Sahan Journal | Prosecutor Saraswati Singh Vows To Hold Police Accountable If Elected As County Attorney. | 7/27/22
(Saraswati Singh, Candidate for Hennepin County Attorney, MN)

Mid Hudson News | Governor Signs Hinchey Bills To Support New York Craft Beverage Businesses | 7/27/22
(Michelle Hinchey, New York Senate, D-48, NY)

NBC News | Doctors Are Stepping Into Political Arenas Across The Country Over Reproductive Rights | 7/26/22 
(Dr. Dona Kim Murphey, Candidate for Pearland ISD Board of Trustees, Position 5, TX) (Dr. Megan Srinivas, Iowa House, D-30, IA)

The Stranger | Washington’s Hottest (And Most Expensive) State Legislative Race | 7/26/2
(Emily Randall, Washington Senate, D-26, WA)

More Perfect Union | Democratic Leaders Helped A Blackface-Wearing Conservative Run Against A Progressive Black Woman In Rhode Island | 7/26/22
(Jennifer Rourke, Candidate for Rhode Island Senate, D-29, RI)

Concord Monitor | Opinion: A Dirt Road Revival | 7/26/22
(Chloe Maxmin, Maine House of Representatives, D-88, ME) 

GoLocalProv | ​​Political Profile: Sue AnderBois, Candidate For Providence City Council, Third Ward | 7/25/22
(Sue AnderBois, Candidate for Providence City Council, Ward 3, RI) 

The Washington Post | Claim That Sex Ed ‘Grooms’ Kids Jolted Nebraska Politics A Year Before It Swept The Nation | 7/24/22
(Danielle Helzer, Candidate for Nebraska State Board of Education, D-6, NE)

Steamboat Pilot & Today | Rep. Dylan Roberts: Protecting Our Water For Generations to Come | 7/20/22 
(Dylan Roberts, Colorado Senate, D-8, CO)

TGI | TGI Candidate Profile: Luke Evslin | 7/19/22
(Luke Evslin, Kauai County Council, HI)

Colorado Newsline | Kids Being Kids? Task Force To Study Raising Minimum Age For Juvenile Court | 7/18/22
(Jennifer Bacon Colorado House, D-7, CO) (Julie Gonzalez, Colorado Senate, District 34, CO)

CivilBeat | Candidate Q&A: State House District 24 — Adrian Tam | 7/18/22
(Adrian Tam, Hawaii House, D-22, HI)

WFMD | Get To Know: Ashwani Jain For Maryland Governor | 7/14/22
(Ashwani Jain, Candidate for Governor of Maryland, MD)

NY Times | A Rhode Island State Senator Wants You To #TwerkFor Justice | 7/13/22
(Tiara Mack, Rhode Island Senate, D-6, RI)

amNY | What NYS Is Doing To Protect New Yorkers From Gun Violence | 7/13/22
(Andrew Gounardes, New York Senate, D-22, NY)

Real Vail | Colorado Sets Up First-Ever Office Of Cardiac Arrest Management Based On Roberts’ Legislation | 7/13/22
(Dylan Roberts, Colorado Senate, D-8, CO)

WHYY | ‘The Danger It Poses To Our Democracy’: Digital Literacy Standards To Help Delaware Students Discern Truth From Fiction | 7/12/22
(Sarah McBride, Delaware State Senate, D-1, DE) 

Patch | Sen. Muth Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Social Media | 7/11/22
(Katie Muth, Pennsylvania Senate, D-44, PA) 

Pittsburgh City Paper | Kinkead Cosponsoring Bill To Protect Out-Of-State Abortion Seekers | 7/11/22
(Emily Kinkead, Pennsylvania House, D-20, PA)

Commercial Appeal | JB Smiley Jr. Has Always Aimed Higher. Now He’s Going For The Democratic Gubernatorial Bid | 7/10/22
(JB Smiley, Candidate for Governor of Tennessee, TN)

Cleveland | Cleveland Leading The Way On Investing ARPA Dollars For Maximum Impact: Justin M. Bibb | 7/10/22
(Justin Bibb, Mayor of Cleveland, OH)

WHYY | In A Rare Bipartisan Move, The Pa. Legislature Approves A New Home Repair Assistance Program | 7/8/22
(Nikil Saval, Pennsylvania Senate, D-1, PA) 

Tucson | Local Opinion: Abortion Bans Violate Jewish Law | 7/8/22
(Alma Hernandez, State House, LD3, AZ)

The Marshall Project | New Orleans Battled Mass Incarceration. Then Came The Backlash Over Violent Crime. | 7/6/22
(Angel Harris, Orleans Parish Criminal Court Judge, Section L, LA) 

The Stranger | What Toshiko Hasegawa’s Been Working On Since Winning Her Election | 7/6/22
(Toshiko Hasegawa, Port of Seattle Commission, Position 4, WA)

Trib Live | Allegheny County Council To Consider Measures To Protect Abortion | 7/5/22
(Tom Duerr, Allegheny County Council, D-5, Bethel Park, PA)

Kansas Reflector | Kansas House Democrats: ‘Regressive Politics’ Drive Young People To Leave The State | 7/4/22
(Rui Xu, State House of Representatives, D-25, Westwood, KS)(Brandon Woodard, State House of Representatives, D-30, KS)

WTOP News | Meet The Democratic Candidates For Maryland Governor: Ashwani Jain | 7/1/22
(Ashwani Jain, Candidate for Governor of Maryland, MD)

June 2022

The Baltimore Banner | Ashwani Jain Says It’s Time For A Millennial In Maryland Governor’s Mansion | 6/30/22
(Ashwani Jain, Candidate for Governor of Maryland, MD)

Pittsburgh City Paper | Pittsburgh Responds To Overturn Of Roe v. Wade | 6/29/22
(La’Tasha Mayes, Candidate for Pennsylvania House, D-24, PA)

Bethesda Magazine | Waldstreicher Runs On Record While Senate District 18 Challenger Says He’s More Progressive | 6P/29/22
(Max Socol, former candidate for Maryland Senate, District 18, MD)

New Hampshire Union Leader | Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, Becky Whitley & Sue Prentiss: Women And Kids Hostages In Culture War | 6/28/22
(Becky Whitley, New Hampshire State Senate, D-15, NH)

Honolulu Civil Beat | Candidate Q&A: Kauai County Council — Luke Evslin | 6/28/22
(Luke Evslin, Kauai County Council, HI)

MSNBC | Dems Have Energy After Roe. What About A Plan? | 6/28/22
(Jasmine Crockett, Texas House, D-100, TX)

Cosmopolitan | The Next Major Reproductive Freedom Movement Has Begun—And It’s Creating Something Way More Powerful Than Roe | 6/27/22
(Tiara Mack, Rhode Island Senate, D-6, RI)

Fox 29 | With Little Short-Term Hope, Texas’ Abortion-Rights Movement Sets Sights On The Long Run | 06/27/22
(Erin Zwiener, State House of Representatives, District 45, TX)

WHYY | ‘They Don’t Want To Go To The Polls’: Delaware Lawmakers On Verge Of Approving Vote-By-Mail System | 06/27/22
(Kyle Gay, Delaware State Senate, District 5, DE)

Florida Phoenix | ‘A Regular Person?’ No More. School Board Members Are Entwined In DeSantis’ Complex Political Arena | 06/24/22
(Jennifer Jenkins, Brevard County Public School Board Member, D-3, FL) 

LancasterOnline | Give Students What They Need To Succeed | 6/24/22
(Ismail Smith-Wade-El, Candidate for Pennsylvania House, District 50, PA)

The Boston Globe | Two R.I. Lawmakers, Both Fathers, Help To Pass A Law To Reserve Parking Spots For People With Kids In Strollers | 06/23/22
(Jonathon Acosta, Candidate for Rhode Island Senate, D-16, RI)

People | 7 LGBTQIA2S+ Latino Candidates Unapologetically Running for Office this Election Season | 06/22/22
(Eunic Ortiz, candidate for Florida Senate, D-24, and Janelle Perez, candidate for Florida Senate, D-37) 

The Riverdale Press | Why Jessica Woolford Decided To Run For The Assembly | 06/19/22
(Jessica Altagracia Woolford, former candidate for New York Assembly, District 81, NY)

Stamford Advocate | It’s Official: CT Candidates Can Start Spending Campaign Money On Child Care | 06/19/22
(Caitlin Clarkson Pereira, former candidate for State House of Representative, D-132, CT)

The Press Herald | Marpheen Chann Turns Hardships Into A Story Of Hope And Acceptance | 06/18/22
(Marpheen Chann, Portland Charter Commission, At-Large, ME)

The Glendale Star | State Representative Candidate Holds Forum | 06/16/22
(Analise Ortiz, Arizona House, D-24, AZ)

News Center Main | Chloe Maxmin Isn’t Your Typical Politician. She Thinks Other Democrats Could Learn From Her. | 06/13/22
(Chloe Maxmin, Maine State Senate, D-13)

Daily News | To Include All, Launch A NYC Interpreter Bank | 06/09/22
(Shahana Hanif, New York City Council, D-39, NY)

Press-Citizen | Elinor Levin Wins Democratic Primary In House District 89, With A Platform To Keep People In Iowa | 06/08/22
(Elinor Levin, Iowa House, D- 89, IA)

Lehigh Valley Live | There’s Evidence Of Price Fixing In PA., And We Need A New Law To Protect Consumers | 06/06/22
(Nick Pisciottano, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, D-38, PA)

Cleveland | Mayor, Cleveland Schools CEO Refuse To Arm Teachers, After State Lawmakers Encourage | 06/07/22
(Justin Bibb, Mayor of Cleveland, OH)

Kuer | Sen. Gene Davis aces Something He Hasn’t In Decades — A Democratic Primary Challenger | 06/07/22
(Nate Blouin, former candidate for ​​Utah Senate, D-13, UT)

Gay City News | Samy Nemir Olivares’ Assembly Challenge To Incumbent Erik Dilan | 06/07/22
(Samy Olivares, former candidate for New York Assembly, D-54, NY)

Indy Week | Patrick Buffkin Not Seeking Re-Election | 06/06/22
(Patrick Buffkin, Raleigh City Council, D-A, NC)

WESA | Young rogressives Seek To Overhaul County’s Democratic Committee | 06/06/22
(Bethany Hallam, Allegheny County Council, At-Large, Pittsburgh, PA)

CBS Austin | Austin City Council Making Plans To Protect Austinites Abortion Rights | 06/04/22
(Vanessa Fuentes, Austin City Council, D-2, TX)

Brooklyn Paper | Brooklyn Pol Makes Good On ‘Black Agenda’ Campaign Promise With 4 New Bills | 06/02/22
(Crystal Hudson, New York City Council, D-35, NY)

April 2022

The Indianapolis Star | Briggs: Indianapolis’ Most Interesting Primary Is Testing Theories Of How Campaigns Win | 4/21/22 
(Ashley Eason, Karla Lopez-Owens, and Andrea Hunley candidates for Indiana State Senate, District 46) 

Boston Globe | R.I. Bill Would Impose Fines And Double The Taxes Of Those Who Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine | 4/20/22
(Tiara Mack, Rhode Island Senate, District 6) 

Los Angeles Times | They Called For Defunding The LAPD. Now They’re Looking To Defeat City Council Members | 4/20/22
(Dulce Vasquez, LA City Council District 9 and Hugo Soto-Martinez, LA City Council, District 13) 

Detroit Free Press | Sen. Mallory McMorrow Gave Fiery Speech That Lit Up Twitter: What To Know About Her | 4/20/22
(Mallory McMorrow, Michigan State Senator, District 8)

Washingtonian | Virginia Lawmaker Danica Roem Talks Heavy Metal and Politics | 4/20/22
(Danica Roem, Virginia State Delegate, District 13)

Washington Post | A Young Democrat’s Viral Takedown Demands A ‘Wokeness’ Rethink | 4/20/22
(Mallory McMorrow, Michigan State Senator, District 8)

KUNR Public Radio | More LGBTQ Candidates Hit The Campaign Trail, Despite Efforts To Limit Their Rights | 4/19/22
(Nnedi Stephens candidate for Nevada Senate, District 13 and Jacob Torgerson candidate for Montana House, District 81)

NY State of Politics | New York Sen. Jessica Ramos On Wins, Disappointments In State Budget | 4/19/22
(Jessica Ramos, New York State Senate District 13)

FOX31 Denver | What Can Be Done About Soaring Rent Prices? | 4/18/22
(Dylan Roberts, Colorado House, District 26) 

Post Journal | Bill Proposes Rules For Self-Driving Cars | 4/19/22 
(Jeremy Cooney, New York Senate, District 56)

Sentinel | Polis, Aurora Lawmaker Detail State Efforts To Combat Local Homelessness | 4/18/22 
(Iman Jodeh, Colorado House of Representatives, District 41)

Scrap Monster | Low Recycling Rate Could Jump with Colorado Bill’s ‘Producer Responsibility’ Fees | 4/18/22
(Julie Gonzales, Colorado Senate, District 34)

The Advocate | Watch Gay Lawmaker Confront GOP Colleague Over Anti-Trans Bill | 4/15/22
(Ian Mackey Missouri State Representative, District 87)

KATU ABC | Know Your Candidates 2022: Simone Rede, Running For Portland City Auditor | 4/15/22
(Simone Rede, Portland City Auditor, OR)

Columbia Daily Tribune | Missouri Bill Would Allow School Districts To Hold Elections On Banning Transgender Athletes | 4/14/22
(Ian Mackey Missouri State Representative, D-87)

Chalkbeat Colorado | Colorado Free Preschool Bill Poised To Become Law | 4/14/22
(Julie Gonzales, Colorado Senate, District 34)

Star Local | Lewisville ISD In Early Stages Of Lawsuit For Alleged Voting Rights Act Violation | 4/14/22
(Paige Dixon, Lewisville ISD School Board, Place 1, TX)

Yale Environment 360 | Amid Hopes And Fears, A Plastics Boom In Appalachia Is On Hold | 4/13/22
(Sara Innamorato, Pennsylvania State Representative, District 21)

TIME | History-Making Trans State Legislator Danica Roem’s Roadmap For Protecting LGBTQ Kids | 4/13/22
(Danica Roem, Virginia State Delegate, District 13)

Tennessean | DA Candidate Myers Slams Incumbent Funk In On-Air Claim Of Illegal Campaign Activity | 4/13/22
(Sara Beth Myers, candidate for Davidson County District Attorney, TN) 

WPLN News | Davidson County DA Candidates Answer Your Questions On RaDonda Vaught, Crime Prevention, Community Engagement | 4/13/22
(Sara Beth Myers, candidate for Davidson County District Attorney, TN) 

Insider | Increasing Police Presence On The Subway Didn’t Prevent Brooklyn Mass Shooting, And Adding More Won’t Increase Public Safety Either, Advocates Say | 4/13/22
(Jaslin Kaur, former candidate for New York Council) 

WCBU FM | Victim-Centered Emergency Services To Be Piloted In Peoria | 4/12/22 
(Robert Peters, Illinois State Senator D-13)

High Snobiety | The Glow Up: The K-Beauty Tip City Council Member Chi Osse Swears By | 4/12/22
(Chi Osse, NY City Councilmembers, D-36) 

PBS News | How Violence Against Asian Americans Has Grown And How To Stop It, According To Activists | 4/11/22 
(Ayesha Ghazi Edwin candidate for Ann Arbor City Council, Ward 3, MI) 

Fortune | New Crypto-Backed Super PACs Launch As Midterms Loom | 4/11/22
(Jasmine Crockett, former Texas House Rep, D-100)

WNEP 16 ABC | State Lawmakers Plan To Make Changing Your Name Easier | 4/11/22
(Lindsey Williams, Pennsylvania Senate, D-38)

Fox News 11 | State Bill Would Make Free School Meals Permanent In Wisconsin | 4/10/22
(Kristian Shelton, Wisconsin Assembly, D-90, WI)

The Press Democrat | Maryland Lawmakers Override Gov’s Veto Of Abortion Expansion | 4/9/22
(Emily Shetty, Maryland House of Delegates, D-18)

Florida Politics | Anna Eskamani Picked For Germany-America Democracy Initiative | 4/8/22
(Anna Eskamani, Florida House, District 47)

CTPOST | Letter: Sikorsky Airport Decision Should Go To Town | 4/8/22
(Justin Gendron, former candidate for Connecticut Senate, District 21)  

UMKC News | Justice Horn: SGA President To Jackson County Legislator Candidate | 4/7/22
(Justice Horn, candidate for Jackson County Legislature, District 1, MO)

San Diego Union-Tribune: Q&A With Kent Lee, Candidate For San Diego City Council District 6 | 4/7/22
(Kent Lee, candidate for San Diego City Council, D-6) 

The Providence Journal | Bills Would Tax Properties, Endowments Of RI Colleges, Universities | 4/7/22
(Tiara Mack, Rhode Island Senate, District 6) 

Route Fifty | Younger Lawmakers Leaving Statehouses For Better Pay, Work-life Balance | 4/7/22
(Will Haskell, Connecticut Senate, District 26)

Omaha World-Herald | Trigger Bill To Ban Abortions Fails In Nebraska Legislature | 4/7/22
(Megan Hunt, Nebraska Legislature, District 8)

Public Opinion | PA Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta Running For U.S. Senate ‘Because The Status Quo Will Not Save Us’ | 4/7/22
(Malcolm Kenyatta, Pennsylvania House, District 181) 

New York Amsterdam News | A Socialist, Activist And Rideshare Driver Is Also A Candidate For State Senate | 4/7/22
(David Alexis, candidate for New York Senate, District 21) 

Bolts | The Movement to Decarcerate Los Angeles Targets Judicial Elections | 4/6/2022
(Anna Slotky Reitano, Los Angeles Judge of the Superior Court, Seat 60, CA)

YahooNews | New Law Will Require Employers In Washington To Include Salary Ranges In Job Postings | 4/6/22
(Emily Randall, Washington Senate, District 26) 

Ctpost | Stratford State Senate Candidate Drops Out Of Race | 4/6/22
(Justin Gendron, former candidate of Connecticut Senate, District 21)

News Channel 8 ABC | Rep. Merleyn Bell Won’t Seek Reelection To The Oklahoma House Of Representatives | 4/6/22
(Merleyn Bell, Oklahoma House, District 45)

The Darien Times | Former Longtime Wilton State Sen. Toni Boucher Running Again For 26th District | 4/6/22
(Will Haskell, Connecticut Senate, District 26)

Real Vail | Roberts’ Bill To Prevent Cardiac-Arrest Deaths Passes Health And Insurance Committee Vote | 4/6/22
(Dylan Roberts, Colorado House, District 26)

3 WKYC Studios | Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb Files Motion To Expunge More Than 4,000 Marijuana Convictions | 4/6/22
(Justin Bibb, Mayor of Cleveland, OH) 

Pride Source | Prosecutor Eli Savit And Sen. Adam Hollier Call For Changes To Michigan Laws Amid Rise In Violent Hate Crimes Against Trans Women | 4/6/22 
(Eli Savit, Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney, MI) 

The Harvard Crimson | Cambridge City Council Recommends Eliminating Minimum Parking Requirements For Developers | 4/6/22
(Burhan Azeem, Cambridge City Council, At-Large, MA) 

News Channel 8 ABC | Rep. Merleyn Bell Won’t Seek Reelection To The Oklahoma House Of Representatives | 4/6/22
(Merleyn Bell, Oklahoma House, District 45)

The Darien Times | Former Longtime Wilton State Sen. Toni Boucher Running Again For 26th District | 4/6/22
(Will Haskell, Connecticut Senate, District 26)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch | Missouri Is Flush With Cash, But House Leaves Some Money Out Of The State Budget | 4/6/22
(Kevin Windham, Missouri House, District 85)

Forward | Fed Up With Divorce Refusals, Orthodox Women Seek Changes To Domestic Abuse Laws In New York | 4/5/22
(Amber Adler, former candidate for New York City Council, District 48) 

Columbia Daily Tribune | What These Students Learned While Volunteering At Election Polling Sites In Columbia | 4/5/22
(Brianna Lennon, Boone County Clerk, MO)

West Seattle Blog | Election 2022: State Sen. Joe Nguyen Running For Second Term | 4/5/22
(Joe Nguyen, King County Executive, WA) 

Colorado Politics | Democrat Yadira Caraveo Qualifies By Petition For Primary Ballot In Colorado’s New 8th CD | 4/5/22
(Yadira Caraveo, Colorado House, District 31) 

The Cap Times | Economic Justice Bill Of Rights Outlines The Transformative Change Wisconsin Needs | 4/5/22
(Francesa Hong, Wisconsin Assembly, District 76) (Kristina Shelton, Wisconsin Assembly, District 90) 

Connecticut Public | The Future Is Electric: Would You Replace Your Car With An E-Bike? | 4/5/22
(Will Haskell, Connecticut Senate, District 26) 

LGBTQNation | 10 LGBTQ Women Running To Make History This Year | 4/5/22
(Zooey Zephyr, candidate for Montana House, District 100, Eunic Ortiz, candidate for Florida Senate, District 24, and Janelle Perez, candidate for Florida Senate, District 37) 

NY UP | NY Legal Weed Conference Draws State Senator, Cannabis Entrepreneurs | 4/5/22
(Jeremy Cooney, New York Senate, District 56)

The Denver Channel | Polis Signs Bill Enshrining Abortion Access Into Colorado State Law | 4/4/22
(Julie Gonzales, Colorado Senate, District 34)

Florida Politics | Anna Eskamani Expands Voter Registration Effort With New Hires | 4/4/22
(Anna Eskamani, Florida House, District 47)

The Story Exchange | She’d Be The First Black, Gay Woman In New York’s State Senate. But That’s Not The Point | 4/4/22
(Kaegan Mays-Williams, candidate for New York Senate, District 21)

The Fort Morgan Times | “Tip Of The Iceberg”: Green Valley Ranch Foreclosures Spotlight Colorado’s Lack Of Hoa Regulation | 4/3/22
(Brianna Titone, Colorado House, District 27)

The Post Newspaper | At Home With Keith Henry | 4/2/22
(Keith G. Henry, candidate for Texas House, District 23) 

The Sacramento Bee | What We Know About Downtown Sacramento Shooting With Six Dead, 12 Injured | 4/2/22
(Caity Maple, candidate for Sacramento City Council, District 5, CA) 

Politico | The First Trans State Senator Tackles Sports Bans | 4/1/22
(Sarah McBride, Delaware Senate, District 1) 

Ms. Magazine | Weekend Reading On Women’s Representation: More Women Hold Office In Larger Cities; Countries Where Women’s Leadership Is The Norm | 4/1/22
(Amanda Farias, New York City Council, District 18, Crystal Hudson, New York City Council, District 35, Nantasha Williams, New York City Council, District 27) 

Kansas Reflector | Kansas Legislature Races To Finalize Budget, Tax Cuts, Parental Bill Of Rights, Trans Ban | 4/1/22
(Brandon Woodard, Kansas House, District 30)

The Mercury News | Rally Convenes To Support Man Shot By San Jose Police After Disarming Another During Fight | 4/1/22 
(Sajid A. Khan, candidate for Santa Clara County District Attorney, CA) 

Washington Blade | Ward 5 D.C. Council Candidate Comes Out As Gay | 4/1/22
(Zachary Parker, candidate for Washington, DC Council, Ward 5) 

Bay News 9 | Hillsborough Democrat Continues To Push For Florida To Divest Its Russian-Owned Assets | 4/1/22
(Andrew Learned, Florida House, District 59)

March 2022 

Yahoo News | Murphey Family Releases Statement As Radonda Vaught Verdict Bursts Into Nashville Da Race | 3/31/22
(Sara Beth Myers, candidate for Davidson County District Attorney, TN)

9News | State Rep. Brianna Titone Talks About Transgender Day Of Visibility | 3/31/22
(Brianna Titone, Colorado House, District 27)

Christian Science Monitor/ Text | Restoring Trust In Us Elections | 3/31/22
(Linh Nguyen, candidate for DeKalb County Clerk, IL)

The American Prospect | The Fixer | 3/31/22
(Justin Bibb, Mayor of Cleveland, OH) 

The Texas Tribune, “Absolutely Disgusting”: Family Of Botham Jean Demands Congressional Candidate Jasmine Crockett Stop Using His Name | 3/31/22
(Jasmine Crockett, Texas House, District 100)

Daily Herald | Lawmakers Pass Ban On Withholding College Transcripts | 3/30/22
(Bob Morgan, Illinois House, District 58)

Gotham Gazette | Funding For Adult Literacy And Other Immigrant Services To Be Contested In City Budget Negotiations | 3/30/22
(Shahana Hanif, New York City Council, District 39)

(Twitter) 12News | Julie Gunnigle Makes 2nd Run For County Atty | 3/30/22
(Julie Gunnigle, Maricopa County (AZ) Attorney)

TAPintoCoral Springs | Coral Springs Political Memo: Vice Mayor Joshua Simmons Sounds Off In Social Media Videos On Vacation Rentals, Home Rule, And More | 3/30/22
(Joshua Simmons, Coral Springs City Commission, Seat 4, FL) 

Sacramento News & Review | Essay: For Sacramento, The Story Of Women In Leadership Is Getting Brighter By The Day | 3/30/22 
(Mai Vang, Sacramento City Council, District 8, CA) (Katie Valenzuela, Sacramento City Council, District 4, CA) 

Top News | ‘Ghost Gun’ Bill Progresses In Maryland House | 3/29/22
(Lesley Lopez, Maryland House, District 39) 

Dallas Voice | Dallas City Council Committee Votes To Support Trans Community And Condemn Legislature | 3/29/22
(Adam Bazaldua, Dallas City Council, District 7, TX) 

South Seattle Emerald | Kirsten Harris-Talley: Why I Am Not Seeking Reelection | 3/29/22
(Kirsten Harris-Talley, Washington House, District 37, Position 2) 

Florida Politics | Activists, Lawmakers Label Gov. Desantis ‘coward’ For Rushed Lgbtq Instruction Bill Signing | 3/28/22
(Janelle Perez, candidate for Florida Senate, District 37)

Unicameral Update | Behavioral Health Points Of Contact For Schools Amended, Advanced | 3/28/22
(Jen Day, Nebraska Legislature, District 49) 

StarAdvertiser | State And City Eye 19 Empty Waikiki Lots | 3/28/22 
(Adrian Tam, Hawaii House, District 22)

Gotham Gazette | A Critical Opportunity For New York To Increase Care Not Coercion For Those Living With Serious Mental Illness | 3/27/22
(Samra Brouk, New York Senate, District 55)

Indianapolis Business Journal | City-County Councilor Ethan Evans Leaves Democratic Party, Becomes Independent | 3/27/22
(Ethan Evans, Indianapolis City County Council, D-4)

Philly Voice | Pennsylvania Lawmakers Want To Create A State Fund For Low-Income Home Repairs | 3/27/22 
(Nikil Saval, Pennsylvania Senate, District 1) 

Jacobin | Meet the Socialist Former Uber Driver Running for New York State Senate | 3/26/22
(David Alexis, candidate for New York Senate, District 21) 

Shaw Local | Candidate Ventura Implicates County Clerk In Case Against Campaign Opponent | 3/25/22
(Rachel Ventura, Will County Board, D-9)

CPR News | Wheelchair Users Could Get The ‘Right To Repair’ In Colorado | 3/25/22
(David Ortiz, Colorado House, District 38) (Brianna Titone, Colorado House, District 27)

New York Times | How Black Women Saw Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation Hearing | 3/25/22
(Fentrice Driskell, Florida House, D-63)

Minnesota Legislature | House Passes $1 Billion Plan For Frontline Worker Bonuses | 3/24/22 
(Cedrick Frazier,Minnesota House, D-45A) 

Newark Post | House Committee Advances Bill That Would Impose Charter School Moratorium | 3/24/22
(Madinah Wilson-Anton, Delaware House, D-26)

Fox 7 Austin | Austin’s First Openly Gay Latina Judge Breaking Generational Cycles | 3/24/22
(Denise Hernandez, Travis County Court at Law 6, TX) 

OCPA | Transgender Athlete Restriction Wins Strong Approval | 3/24/22
(Mauree Turner, Oklahoma House, District 88)

Sentinel Colorado | Rep. Iman Jodeh: Our Plan To Make Health Care Dependable And Affordable | 3/24/22 
(Iman Jodeh, Colorado House, District 41) 

Politico | Muslim Leaders Want NYPD Official Censured For Denying Post-9/11 Surveillance | 3/23/22 
(Shahana Hanif, New York City Council, D-39) 

Steamboat Pilot & Today | Western Slope Lawmakers Talk Housing, Behavioral Health In Virtual Town Hall | 3/23/22
(Dylan Roberts, Colorado Senate, D-8)

LGBTQNation | Out State Senate Candidate Janelle Perez Has No Time For Florida’s Culture Wars | 3/23/22
(Janelle Perez, candidate for Florida Senate, District 37)

New York Times | Expanding Child Care Is New York’s Next Big-Ticket Budget Priority. | 3/23/22
(Jabari Brisport, New York Senate, D-25)

Bronx Times | Op-ed | The Bronx Is Suffocating. We Need $15 Billion To Fix It. | 3/22/22
(Kenneth Burgos, New York Assembly, D-85)  

90.5 Wesa | Facing A New Political Landscape, Kinkead Draws Challenger In 20th State House District | 3/22/22
(Emily Kinkead, Pennsylvania House, D-20)

Daily News | Mayor Adams Condemns NYPD’s Surveillance Of Muslims After Top Cop Downplays It: ‘What We Did Was Wrong’ | 3/21/22
(Shahana Hanif, New York City Council, D-39) 

CPR News | Bill To Protect Sex Workers Reporting Crimes Passes The Colorado House Unanimously | 3/21/22
(Brianna Titone, Colorado House, District 27)

Pittsburgh City Paper | Staffing Shortages, Pandemic, Politics Take Toll On Pennsylvania Teachers | 3/21/22
(Lindsey Williams, Pennsylvania Senate, D- 38)

Colorado Times Recorder | We Need More Affordable Housing in Denver | 3/21/22 
(Candi CdeBaca, Denver City Council, D-9, CO) 

Steamboat Pilot & Today | Roberts’ Bills To Prevent Crime Signed Into Law | 3/20/22
(Dylan Roberts, Colorado Senate, D-8)

Los Angeles Times | L.A. On The Record: What Is A Job, Anyway? | 3/19/22
(Marina Torres, Los Angeles City Attorney, CA) 

SunSentinel | Candidate Who Considered Running For Deutch Seat Says He Won’t Run | 3/18/22
(Chad Klitzman, Broward County Supervisor of Elections, FL)

The Denver Post | “Brutalized With Little Recourse”: Colorado Lawmakers Take A First Step To Protect Sex Workers | 3/17/22
(Brianna Titone, Colorado House, D-27)

Patch | Housing, Behavioral Health Bills Would Put Federal Dollars To Work | 3/17/22
(Dylan Roberts, Colorado Senate, D-8)

Cal Matters | Bill Would Prohibit Foreign Influence In California Elections | 3/17/22
(Alex Lee, California Assembly member, D-25)

Colorado Newsline | Housing, Behavioral Health Bills Would Put Federal Dollars To Work | 3/17/22

(Dylan Roberts, Colorado House, D-26 | Julie Gonzales, Colorado State Senate D-34 | James Coleman, South San Francisco City Council, D-4, CA | etc.) 

The Kansas City Star | Schools are everything to Johnson County. Don’t let Topeka strip away their funding | 3/16/22
(Melissa Cheatham, Overland Park City Council, Ward 2, KS)

Axios Washington D.C. | Town Talker: Council Hopefuls Seek Votes Of Gentrifiers And Natives | 3/16/22
(Zachary Parker, Washington, DC Council, Ward 5)

StarTribune | Josh Pauly Announces Resignation From Minneapolis School Board | 3/16/22
(Josh Pauly, former Minneapolis School Board, at-large, MN) 

Sentinel & Enterprise | Massachusetts Suicide Prevention Group Launches Text Line Designed For Young People | 3/16/22
(Becca Rausch, Massachusetts Senate, Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex District, MA) 

Government Technology | Annapolis, Md., To Spend $1.5m On Electric Ferry, Other Evs | 3/15/22
(Keanuú Smith-Brown, former candidate for Annapolis City Council, Ward 3, MD) 

Florida Politics | Anna Eskamani Files For Re-Election In New Hd 42 | 3/15/22
(Anna Eskamani, Florida House of Representatives, D-47)

The Daily Journal | In Assembly Race, A Young Perspective | 3/15/22
(James Coleman, South San Francisco City Council, D-4, CA) 

WHYY PBS | Paid Family And Medical Leave Poised To Become Law In Delaware | 3/14/22
(Sarah McBride, Delaware Senate, D-1) 

Queens Daily Eagle | Queens Lawmaker Lays Out Plan For City Parks | 3/14/22
(Shekar Krishnan, New York City Council, D-25) 

CW 39 Houston | Sxsw Democracy: Texas Quorum Breakers Reflect On Trying To Stop Voting Rights Bill | 3/13/22
(Jasmine Crockett, Texas House of Representatives, D-100) 

Austin American-Statesman | ‘Your Best Is Always Good Enough’: Rep. Jessica González Named Women Of The Year Honoree | 3/13/22
(Jessica Gonzalez, Texas House of Representative, D-104) 

Colorado Newsline | Historic Debate On Colorado Abortion Rights Results In Bill Advancing To Final House Vote | 3/12/22
(Lindsey Daugherty, Colorado House of Representatives, D-29)

The Southern Illinoisan | Man Convicted Of Hate Crime Runs To Unseat Cook County’s First Openly Gay Commissioner | 3/11/22
(Kevin Morrison, Cook County Board Commissioner, D-15, IL) 

Sun Post | Sanberg Withdraws From Legislative Race Due To Redistricting | 3/10/22
(Kimberly Sanberg, former candidate for Minnesota House) 

The Banner Press | Texas Senate Candidate Speaks At Democratic Club | 3/10/22
(Josh Tutt, candidate for Texas State Senate, D-18) 

Spectrum News NY 1 | How New York Officials Want To Tackle Housing Costs | 3/9/22
(Michelle Hinchey, New York Senate, D-46)

Fox 23 | Portland Charter Commission Discusses Proposals To Change City Government | 3/9/22 
(Marpheen Chann, Portland Charter Commission, At-Large, ME)  

Florida Politics | Florida And The Nation React To Passage Of ‘Parental Rights’ Bill, Dubbed ‘Don’t Say Gay’ By Critics | 3/8/22
(Janelle Perez, Candidate For Florida State Senate and Eunic Ortiz, Candidate for Florida State Senate)

GPB News | Cordele Moving Ahead With Removing Confederate Monument | 3/7/22
(Joshua Deriso, Former Candidate for Georgia State House, D-148) 

The Virginian-Pilot | Far More Black Women Die During Childbirth Than White Women. A Portsmouth Lawmaker Is Trying To Tackle The Racial Disparity. | 3/6/22
(Nadarius Clark, Delegate for Virginia House, D-79) 

Parents | Why We Need To Stop Outing LGBTQIA+ Students | 3/4/22
(Kelsey Waits, Former Candidate for Minnesota House of Representatives, D-54B) 

Steamboat Pilot & Today | Insulin Cap Law Championed By Roberts Earns Spotlight In Biden’s State Of The Union Speech | 3/4/22
(Dylan Roberts, Colorado State Senator, D-8)

WGXA News | Georgia Senators Want To Require In-Person Exams For Abortion Pills | 3/1/22
(Kim Jackson, Senator for Georgia Senate, D-41)

The Gazette | Panel Advances Pilot Program For Wildfire- Detecting Cameras | 3/1/22
(Dylan Roberts, Colorado State Senator, D-8)

LGBTQ Nation | Montana House Candidate Zooey Zephyr Is Ready To Fight For The Trans Community | 3/1/22
(Zooey Zephyr, candidate for Montana House, D-100)

StreetsBlog NYC | Brooklyn Pols Tell Developers To Eliminate Parking Or Else | 3/1/22 
(Lincoln Restler, New York City Councilmember, D-33)

February 2022

Missoulian | Opinion: Preserving Affordable Housing In Montana’s Mobile Home Parks | 2/27/22 
(Maggie Bornstein, Candidate for Montana House, D-96)

Terrain | We’re Talking About Saving Lives | 2/27/22
(Becca Miller, Former Candidate For Somerville City Council, Ward 7, MA) 

Fox 40 | Oak Park Community Fridge Threatened With Code Violation | 2/25/22
(Caity Maple, Candidate For Sacramento City Council, D-5, CA) 

The State Press | Former USG Tempe Vice President Running For City Council Speaks To Students | 2/24/22
(Casey Clowes, Former Candidate for Tempe City Council, AZ) 

The Philadelphia Inquirer | Malcolm Kenyatta Is Tired Of Being Told A Black Gay Man From North Philly Can’t Win Pa. | 2/23/22 
(Malcolm Kenyatta, Pennsylvania State Representative, D-181) 

Florida Politics | Eunic Ortiz Garners Endorsements From 11 State Lawmakers For Sd 24 Run | 2/23/22
(Eunic Ortiz, Candidate for Florida Senate, D-24) 

Houston Public Media | Harris County Attorney Says He’ll Ignore Ken Paxton’s Guidance That Gender-Affirming Care Is ‘child Abuse’ | 2/22/22
(Christian Menefee, Harris County Attorney, TX) 

Business Insider Australia | California Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Tax ‘Extreme Wealth,’ Proposing New 1.5% Tax On State’s Billionaires | 2/20/22
(Alex Lee, California State Assemblymember, D-25) 

Valley News | Childcare Providers Say Financial Incentives To Attract New Employees Could Be ‘Lifeline’ | 2/20/22 
(Becky Whitley, New Hampshire State Senator, D-15) 

Wiscasset Newspaper | Making Sure Mainers Have Access To Prescriptions | 2/19/22
(Chloe Maxim, Maine State Senator, D-13)  

CT Insider | Meet Seven Black Connecticut Residents Driving Change In Their Communities | 2/19/22
(Abdul Osmanu, Hamden Legislative Councilmember, D-2, CT) 

WDVM25 | Maryland Delegate Lesley Lopez On The Push To Ban Unregistered ‘Ghost Guns’ | 2/19/22
(Lesley Lopez, Maryland State Delegate, D-39)

Yahoo News | Richardson Talks Governing Philosophy With Cobb Young Professionals | 2/18/22
(Jerica Richardson, Cobb County Commissioner, D-2, GA) 

The Washington Post | Nineteen Austin Police Officers Charged With Misconduct During Protests, Including One Who’s Running For Public Office | 2/18/22
(Jose Garza, Travis County District Attorney, TX) 

Houston Public Media | Harris County Asks Doj To Intervene Over Texas Mail-In Ballot Rejections | 2/17/22 
(Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge, and Christian Menefee, Harris County Attorney, TX)  

Channel 3000 | Dane Co. Board Proposes Creation Of Committee To Review Election Security Measures | 2/17/22  
(Analiese Eicher, Dane County Board of Supervisors, D-3, WI)

News12 The Bronx | Brooklyn Leaders Offer Tips On Avoiding Dangerous Situations Amid Antisemitic Attacks | 2/17/22
(Lincoln Restler and Chi Osse, NY City Councilmembers, D-33 & D-36)

Inside NOVA | Roem Named Executive Director Of Emerge Virginia | 2/17/22
(Danica Roem, Virginia State Delegate, District 13)

Pittsburgh Magazine | A Representative Rep With A Determined “Boots-On-The-Ground Strategy” | 2/16/22
(Jessica Benham, Pennsylvania State Representative for, D-36)

Reuters | School Boards Get Death Threats Amid Rage Over Race, Gender, Mask Policies | 2/15/22 
(Jennifer Jenkins, Brevard County (FL) Public School Boardmember, District 3, FL)

The Gazette | Iowa Needs A Fair Tax Plan | 2/15/22
(Zach Wahls, Iowa Senate Minority Leader)

Wicked Local | Cambridge Assembles Working Group For Fare-Free Bus Pilot | 2/14/22
(Burhan Azeem, Cambridge City Councilmember, At-Large, MA)

Texas Signal | Jasmine Crockett Talks Congress, 2022 Midterms And Republicans | 2/14/22
(Jasmine Crockett, Texas State House Representative, District 100)

l Race Theory: The Narrative Winning Local Elections For Conservatives | 2/12/22 
(Darwin Peters II, former candidate for Clover Park School District, District 3, WA)

LGBTQ Nation | Ashanti Martinez Wants To Be The Gay Afro-Latino Voice His Community Needs | 2/11/22
(Ashanti Martinez, candidate for Maryland House District 22)

People Magazine | Texas’ Jasmine Crockett On The Leaders Inspiring Her Run For Congress: ‘Bold’ And ‘Unapologetic’ | 2/11/22
(Jasmine Crockett, Texas State House Representative, District 100)

The Takeaway | San Antonio Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez | 2/11/22
(Jalen McKee-Rodriguez San Antonio, TX City Councilmember)

Bolts | Long Standing Grievances Between Prosecutor and Public Defender Boil Over in California DA Race | 2/10/22
(Sajid Khan, candidate for Santa Clara County District Attorney, CA)

Jewish Telegraphic Agency | How This Jewish Politician In Brooklyn Wins Friends Among Progressives And The Haredi Orthodox | 2/9/22 
(Lincoln Restler, NY City Councilmember, District 33)

Florida Politics | Fentrice Driskell Gets Bipartisan Praise As Abandoned Cemeteries Bill Clears House Committee | 2/8/22 
(Fentrice Driskell, Florida State Representative, District 63)

MA Patch | Framingham Rep. Robinson Faces U.S. Senators Over DOE Nomination | 2/8/22
(Maria Robinson, Massachusetts State Representative 6th Middlesex District)

Texas| San Antonio City Council Members Propose Insulin Cost-Sharing Program For Residents | 2/7/22
(Jalen McKee-Rodriguez San Antonio, TX City Councilmember)

U.S. Spectrum News | Sen. Alessandra Biaggi Launches U.S. House Campaign | 2/7/22
(Alessandra Biaggi, NY State Senator, District 34)

Indigenous Wire | Gabriella Cázares-Kelly: The Indigenous Heather Cox Richardson, Or Something More?| 2/6/22
(Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, Pima County Recorder, AZ)

WITF | Legislators Want To Legalize Sterile Syringe Distribution In Attempt To Capture Federal Dollars | 2/4/22
(Sara Innamorato, Pennsylvania State Representative, District 21)

LGBTQ Nation | U.S. Senate Candidate Malcolm Kenyatta Is Fighting For The Soul Of Democracy | 2/3/22
(Malcolm Kenyatta, Pennsylvania State Representative, D-181) 

CBS Local | Obi Ezeadi Breaks Barriers While Serving On The Westminster City Council: ‘Message Of Hope’ | 2/2/22 

(Obi Ezeadi, Westminster City Councilmember, At-Large, CO)

Jacobin Magazine | New York Desperately Needs Universal Childcare 2/2/22
(Jabari Brisport, candidate for New York State Senate, District 25)

Montgomery Community Media | Councilmember Friedson Calls Bill Reducing Carbon Emissions A ‘Game Changer’ | 2/2/22
(Andrew Friedson, Montgomery County Council, District 1, MD)

January 2022

The Columbus Dispatch | Democrat Taylor Sappington, An Underdog From Southeast Ohio, Is Running For State Auditor | 1/31/22
(Taylor Sappington, former candidate for Ohio State Representative, District 94) 

Floridian Press| Eskamani Vows To ‘Protect Reproductive Freedom’ | 1/28/22 
(Anna Eskamani, Florida State Representative, D-47)

Al Dia | Wisconsin Could Join Growing List Of States Mandating Asian-American History In Schools | 1/28/22
(Francesca Hong, Wisconsin State Assemblymember, District 76)

NY State Of Politics | NY Lawmakers Seek More Insurance Coverage For Abortion Care | 1/27/22
(Samra Brouk, New York State Senator, District 55)

Minnesota Post | Decisions That Point Minneapolis Toward Safety And Justice Must Be Made In The Open | 1/27/22
(Sheila Nezhad, former candidate for Mayor of Minneapolis, MI)

Jamaica Plain News | City Councilor Kendra Lara On Being Socialist: ‘My Politics Are My Philosophy In Action’ | 1/26/22
(Kendra Lara-Hicks, Boston City Councilmember, District 6)

The 19th | Pumping, Voting, Taking Leave: Legislators Who Are Mothers Face Specific Challenges | 1/25/22
(Mallory McMorrow, Michigan State Senator, District 8)

The Detroit News | Michigan House Approves Bills Banning Cellphone Use While Driving; What Fines Would Be | 1/25/22
(Mari Manoogian, Michigan State Representative, District 40)

Gotham Gazette | Amid Federal Inaction, New York Democrats Look To Advance State Voting Rights Act | 1/24/22
(Zellnor Myrie, New York State Senator, District 20)

Delaware News Media | Media Literacy Bill Aims To Make Delaware Students Better Digital Citizens | 1/23/22
(Sarah McBride, Delaware State Senator, District 1)

Tagg Magazine | Political Rainbow Wave: LGBTQ Women And Non-Binary Elected Officials | 1/21/22
(Brianna Titone, Colorado State Rep, D-27; Mauree Turner, Oklahoma State Rep, D-88; Tiffany Cabán, NY City Councilmember, D-22; Megan Hunt Nebraska State Senator, D-8; Michele Rayner-Goolsby, Florida State Rep)

Gotham Gazette | How Our Parks Can Save Our City | 1/25/22
(Shekar Krishnan, NY City Councilmember, District 25)

KRQE NEWS 13 | Lawmakers Working To Make It Easier To Get Into Cannabis Industry | 1/25/22
(Andrea Romero, New Mexico State Representative, District 46)

Denver Post | Brianna Titone And The Weight Of Being Colorado’s First Out Transgender Lawmaker | 1/24/22
(Brianna Titone, Colorado State Representative, District 27)

Spokesman | Spokane City Council Member Zack Zappone Makes Mark Early In First Term | 1/24/22
(Zack Zappone, Spokane City Council, District 3)

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