December 2021

TIME | Want To Win The White House? Recruit A Candidate For School Board | 12/17/21

November 2021

Bloomberg | The Rise of the Local Climate Candidate | 11/23/21

MSNBC | The Mehdi Hasan Show Full Interview | 11/17/21

USA Today | How Critical Race Theory Went From Conservative Battle Cry To Mainstream Powder Keg | 11/15/21

October 2021

Axios | Snapchat Young Candidate Project Gets Buzz | 10/10/21

TechCrunch | Snapchat Rolls Out New Tool Aimed At Helping Young Users Run For Office | 10/10/21

Engadget | Snapchat’s Newest In-App Tool Encourages Young People To Run For Office | 10/10/21

Gizmodo | Snapchat Is Trying To Make It Easier For Gen Z To Run For Political Office | 10/10/21

PCMag | Snapchat ‘Run for Office’ Wants To Help Users Navigate Local Politics | 10/10/21

AdWeek | Snapchat Rolls Out Run For Office Mini | 10/10/21

CNET | Snapchat Wants To Help You Run For Office | 10/10/21

NPR/Morning Edition | Snapchat Is Adding A Feature To Help Young Users Run For Political Office | 10/10/21 | Snapchat Introduces Tool To Help Young People Run For Office | 10/10/21

NBC Today Show | Generation Next: New Tool for Future Politicians | 10/10/21

WakeUp2Politics | The ‘Snapchat Generation’ Runs for Office | 10/10/21

ABC News | Snapchat Goes To Washington: New Feature Helps Young People Run For Office | 10/9/21

September 2021

Los Angeles Times | Young Voters Turned Out In Force For Democrats In 2020. Will They Stick Around? | 9/22/21

Crain’s Business | Then There Were Two | 9/19/21

KXAN NBC | Texas Abortion Law Drumming Up Huge Political Engagement, Spending | 9/9/21

TIME | The Tricky Politics of the Texas Abortion Law | 9/7/21


November 2021

American Bazaar Online | Shekar Krishnan, Shahana Hanif Make History Winning New York City Council Races | 11/5/21 
(Shahana Hanif, New York City Councilmember-Elect D39 and Shekar Krishnan, New York City Councilmember-Elect D25)

The Columbus Dispatch | Andrea Wiltrout Will Join New Albany City Council In 2022 | 11/4/21
(Andrea Wiltrout, New Albany, OH City Councilmember-Elect)

Times Union | 3 Newly Elected Women Make History in Orange County | 11/4/21 
(Giselle Martinez, Newburgh City, NY Councilmember-Elect, Ward 1 & Genesis Ramos, Orange County,NY Legislator-Elect, D6)

NBC News | Black Lives Matter Activist Wins In Iowa On A ‘Defund The Police’ Platform | 11/4/21 
(Indira Sheumaker, Des Moines, IA City Councilmember)

The Gazette | Des Moines’ Indira Sheumaker Delivers A Rare Win For ‘Defund Police’ In Iowa | 11/4/21 
(Indira Sheumaker, Des Moines, IA City Councilmember)

San Antonio Express | San Antonio Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez Among The Root’s 100 Most Influential African Americans | 11/4/21 
(Jalen McKee-Rodriguez, San Antonio, TX City Councilmember)

The E’Ville Eye | Welch Defeats Danielsson-Chang Amid Anemic Emeryville Special Election Voter Turnout 11/3/21 
(Courtney Welch – Emeryville, CA City Councilmember-Elect)

NY Times | Shahana Hanif Makes History As The First Muslim Woman Elected To New York City Council | 11/3/21
(Shahana Hanif, New York City Councilmember-Elect D39)

ABC New 19 SC | Bussells, Bailey To Meet In Runoff For Columbia City Council At-Large Seat | 11/3/21 
(Dr. Aditi Bussells, candidate for Columbia, SC City Council At-Large)

Bushwick Daily | Meet Sandy Nurse, The New 37th District Representative | 11/3/21
(Sandy Nurse, New York City Councilmember-Elect D37) 

Bushwick Daily | Meet Jennifer Gutiérrez, the New 34th District Representative | 11/3/21 
(Jennifer Gutiérrez, New York City Councilmember-Elect, D34)

MPR News | Duluth Elects Azrin Awal As Its First Asian American City Council Member | 11/3/21 
(Azrin Awal, Duluth, MN City Councilmember, At-Large)

Mshale | The Next Minneapolis City Council Set To Be Majority People Of Color | 11/3/21 
(Aisha Chughtai, Minneapolis City Council Ward 10; Jason Chavez, Minneapolis City Council Ward 9)

Spectrum News 1 | New Faces: Etel Haxhiaj Wins D5 Council Race And Thu Nguyen Is Worcester’s First Non-Binary City Councilor | 11/3/21
(Thu Nguyen, Worcester, MA City Councilmember-Elect)

Tribeca Citizen | Christopher Marte Wins City Council Seat | 11/3/21 
(Christopher Marte, New York City Councilmember D1)

Pix 11 | Shahana Hanif Becomes 1st Muslim Woman Elected To City Council | 11/3/21
(Shahana Hanif, New York City Councilmember-Elect D39)

The Advocate | NYC Elects Record Six Out City Council Members | 11/3/21
(Crystal Hudson, New York City Councilmember-Elect D35; Chi Ossé New York City Councilmember-Elect D36, & Tiffany Cabán New York City Councilmember-Elect D22)

Spectrum News 1 | In Historic Election, Voters Elect Chicopee’s First Councilwoman Of Color, Delmarina Lopez | 11/3/21
(Delmarina Lopez, Chicopee, MA City Councilmember-Elect, Ward 3)

Sahan Journal | With St. Paul School Board Win, Halla Henderson Becomes First Eritrean American Elected To Office In Minnesota | 11/3/21 
(Halla Henderson, St. Paul, MN School Board Member-Elect)

ABC 11| Rod Hickman Advances To The District 32 Runoff Election | 11/3/21 (Rod Hickman, candidate for Mississippi State Senator D32)

NBC News | NYC Council Has 5 New Asian Americans, A Record That Mirrors City More Accurately | 11/3/21 
(Shahana Hanif, New York City Councilmember-Elect D39 and Shekar Krishnan, New York City Councilmember-Elect D25)

Patch | Brooklyn City Council District 36 Race: Chi Ossé Elected | 11/2/21
(Chi Ossé New York City Councilmember-Elect D36)

Mass Live | Etel Haxhiaj, Thu Nguyen Secure Spots On Worcester City Council | 11/2/21
(Thu Nguyen, Worcester, MA City Councilmember-Elect)

October 2021

The News Record | The Evan Holt Campaign: Can A Self-Proclaimed Socialist Win In Cincinnati? | 10/21/21
(Evan Holt, candidate for Cincinnati City Council) 

Bushwick Daily | Who’s Running For City Council In Bushwick? Meet The Candidates In Your District |10/20/21
(Jennifer Gutierrez, candidate for New York City Council, D-36 and Sandy Nurse, candidate for New York City Council, D-37)

Times Union | Hinchey Wants Better Pensions For ‘Chronically Understaffed’ Forest Rangers | 10/20/21
(Michelle Hinchey, New York State Senator, D-46)

West Orlando News | Challenger Shan Rose Earns Endorsements Against Incumbent Orlando Commissioner | 10/20/21
(Shan Rose, candidate for Orlando City Commissioner, D-5) 

LGBTQ Nation | President Biden Endorses Trans Virginia Delegate Danica Roem For Reelection | 10/20/21
(Danica Roem, Virginia House Delegate, D-13) 

NPR-St. Louis | Rep. Ashley Aune On The State Of Missouri’s Internet Security And How To Strengthen It | 10/19/21
(Ashley Aune, Missouri State Representative, D-14) 

Arkansas Democratic Gazette | Little Rock Mayor Unveils Draft Redistricting Map That Seeks To Eliminate I-630 As Dividing Line For Wards | 10/19/21
(Frank Scott, Little Rock, AR mayor) 

Daily Detroit | Hector Santiago Wants To Represent District 6 On Detroit City Council | 10/19/21
(Hector Santiago, candidate for Detroit City Council D-6) 

Boothbay Register | ​​Putting More Fresh, Local Food On School Lunch Trays | 10/19/21
(Chloe Maxmin, Maine State Senator, D-13)

WKZO | Kalamazoo County Clerk’s Office To Provide Fingerprinting Services For CPL Applicants | 10/18/21
(Meredith Place, Kalamazoo County Clerk) 

Tucson Sentinel | Health Insurance Subsidies Must Be A Top Priority In Congress | 10/18/21
(Alma Hernandez, Arizona State Representative)

City & State New York | Power of Diversity: Black 100 2021 | 10/18/21
(Selvena Brooks-Powers – NYC Councilmember; Jabari Brisport, Samra Brouk,  Zellnor Myrie – NY State Senators; India Walton – candidate for Mayor of Buffalo; Amanda Farías, Crystal Hudson, Sandy Nurse, Chi Ossé, Pierina Sanchez, Althea Stevens & Nantasha Williams – candidates for NYC Council) 

Westworld | Trying to Run a Positive, Inclusive Campaign in a Divided Country | 10/10/21
(Lisa Smith, candidate for Arvada, CO City Council At-Large)

Coral Springs Talk | Vice-Mayor Joshua Simmons Announces 2022 Re-Election Campaign | 10/7/21
(Joshua Simmons, Coral Springs, FL Vice-Mayor) 

Pride Source | Marshall Kilgore Opens Up About Being a Black Bisexual Man Running for Kalamazoo City Commission | 10/7/21
(Marshall Kilgore, candidate for Kalamazoo City Commissioner) 

Spectrum News NY1 | Chi Ossé’s Bringing His Own Brand Of Revolution To City Hall | 10/5/21
(Chi Osse, candidate for NYC Council)

PRIDE Nation | This City Council Candidate Stands To Become First Openly LGBTQ+ Councilwoman In Detroit | 10/5/21
(Gabriela Santiago-Romero, candidate for Detroit City Council)

September 2021

The Kansas City Star | Kansas Needs Sharice Davids To Support The Bipartisan Federal Infrastructure Package | Op-Ed | 9/22/21
(Ethan Corson, Kansas State Senator, D-7)

Florida Politics | Lauren Book, Anna Eskamani Bring Back Measure To Make Diapers Tax-Free | 9/21/21
(Anna Eskamani, Florida State Representative, D-47)

Raleigh News & Observer | ‘I’m Not Broken.’ Durham County Commissioner Nida Allam Shares Her Fertility Struggle | 9/21/21
(Nida Allam, Durham, NC County Commissioner)

ABC-VA 13 News | Virginia House Of Delegates 9th District Candidates Vie For Your Vote 9/20/21
(Bridgette Craighead, candidate for Virginia House of Delegates, D-9)

Oxygen | 4 Questions For 4 Latina Criminal Justice Trailblazers: Tiffany Cabán | 9/20/21
(Tiffany Cabán, candidate for New York City Council, D-22)

Pennsylvania Capital-Star | If We Fail To Act On Women’s Reproductive Rights, PA. Will Become The Next Texas  | Op-Ed | 9/18/21
(Liz Hanbidge, Pennsylvania State Representative, D-61) 

Coral Springs Talk | Vice Mayor Joshua Simmons Appointed To Florida League of Cities Advocacy Committee | 9/18/21
(Joshua Simmmon, Coral Springs, FL Vice Mayor)

Minority Reporter | Samra Brouk, Chair Of Senate Committee On Mental Health: Challenges Are Everywhere | 9/20/21
(Samra Brouk, New York State Senator, D-55)

NBC News | Nearly 900 State Legislators Urge Supreme Court To Uphold Roe v. Wade In Major Abortion Case | 9/20/21
(Jasmine Crockett, Texas State Representative, D-100)

Gotham Gazette | Ending The Crisis On Rikers Island | 9/17/21
(Andrew Gounardes, New York State Senator, D-22) 

Seacoast Online | NH Representative Moves To Repeal State’s ‘Divisive Concepts’ Law | 9/17/21
(Manny Espitia, New Hampshire State Representative, Hillsbourough D-31)

Crosscut | Can Seattle Activists Make It As ‘Career’ Politicians? | 9/15/21
(Kirsten Harris-Talley, Washington State Representative, D-37)

Colorado Politics | Dem Congressional Candidate Yadira Caraveo Racks Up Legislative Endorsements | 9/15/21
(Yadira Caraveo, Colorado State Representative, D-31)

NY Daily News | Decarcerate Rikers Island Right Now | Op-Ed | 9/15/21
(Tiffany Cabán, candidate for New York City Council, D-22)

Bonappetit | My Career in Restaurants Taught Me What Local Government Really Needs | Op-Ed | 9/14/21
(Francesca Hong, Wisconsin State Assemblymember, D-76) 

Seacoast Online | “Fair Redistricting Will Build Trust In Democracy” | Op-Ed | 9/14/21
(Becky Whitley, New Hampshire State Senator, D-15) 

Pittsburgh Post Gazette | Allegheny County Council Members Proposing Masks For Indoors, Large Outdoor Gatherings As Cases Spike | 9/14/21 
(Liv Bennett and Bethany Hallam, Allegheny, PA County Councilmembers)

Our Town Reno | Washoe County And Alexis Hill Now In Charge Of Regional Services To Help The Unhoused | 9/12/21 
(Alexis Hill, Washoe, NV County Commissioner, D-1) 

The Land | Progressive City Council Candidates Eye Increased Voter Turnout While Others Remain Wary | 9/10/21
(Aisia Jones, candidate for Cleveland City Council, Ward 8) 

The Advocate | Trans Politician Danica Roem Faces Off Against Antigay Trump Follower | 9/9/21
(Danica Roem, Virginia House Delegate, D-13)

Click On Detroit | ‘Blatant Sexism’: State Lawmakers Demand Equity For Female Michigan State University Athletes | 9/9/21
(Laurie Pohutsky (D-19) and Mari Manoogian (D-40), Michigan House of Representatives) 

West Orlando News | A Time For Change Now: Shan Rose Runs For Orlando City Commissioner | 9/8/21
(Shan Rose, candidate for Orlando, FL City Commissioner) 

The City | How Bullying And Spying On Muslims After 9/11 Spawned A Justice-Seeking Generation | 9/7/21 
(Shahana Hanif, candidate for New York City Council, D-39)

MSNBC | “We Need Federal Protections ‘For Women’s Reproductive Rights’” | Video | 9/7/21
(Jasmine Crockett, Texas State Representative, D-100)

MSNBC | “GOP Colleagues Have ‘Lost Their Minds’” | Video | 9/4/21
(Jasmine Crockett, Texas State Representative, D-100)

Washington State Wire | A Conversation On Abolition With Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley | 9/3/21
(Kirsten Harris-Talley, Washington State Representative, D-37)

Orlando Sentinel | “Texas Abortion Restriction Is Disgusting, Offensive” | Op-Ed | 9/2/21 
(Anna Eskamani, Florida State Representative, D-47)