COVID-19 General Resources


  1. CDC Topline Data on COVID-19
  2. National Democratic Training Committee | “Campaigns and Coronavirus: What You Can Do Now”
  3. American Federation of Teachers | Online resource for teachers and parents educating students remotely 
  4. | state-by-state list of election status during Covid-19
  5. National Governors’ Association | tracking steps each state has taken to address COVID-19 
  6. Build relationships with voters digitally – more advice here
  7. Crowdshare spreadsheet of local community actions that campaigns and volunteers can contribute to. 
  8. The National Vote at Home Institute released a plan for strategies and tactics to expand Vote at Home options nationwide.
  9. Race Class Narrative offers messaging guidance for how to talk with your supporters about Covid-19
  10. Tech for Campaigns offers advice on working remotely, using social media effectively, messaging, fundraising and more
  11. CIDRAP’s Effective Covid-19 Crisis Communication offers messaging advice for candidates and elected leaders


  1. National Democratic Training Committee 
  2. Emily’s List Training Center
  3. Run for Something Candidate Resources
  4. Arena Toolbox 
  5. BallotReady Election Date Changes Tracker
  6. Wide Eye: “Designing in an Emergency”