COVID-19 Candidate Support

​Coronavirus (COVID-19) ​is forc​ing​ ​campaigns​ to shift the way ​we do business. No more door-knocking, no more in-person events: for the foreseeable future​ most candidates will have to ​find new ways to reach voters where they are.

Despite all odds, thousands of young, progressive candidates are continuing to organize. ​With the help of a large community of other progressive organizations, we’re ​keeping a ​running ​list of resources to ​help candidates navigate their new reality.

Check out our resources for candidates below. We’ll continue updating as we go.​ (Page last updated 8/7/2020, 11:55 AM ET).​

Crowdsourced Candidate Ideas

This table represents an ongoing collection of ideas from candidates, campaigns, and elected officials nationwide of how to respond to this pandemic. Here’s how you can use this resource:

  1. Refer to this table of examples if you’re looking for ideas and best practices to keep your community and supporters engaged. Add a filter to “Type of Strategy” to look for the topic that best meets your needs.
  2. Trying something new on your campaign? Use this simple submission form to add your own idea to the table, so others can learn from your experiences.
  3. RFS Endorsed Candidates only: Need volunteers to help your team with remote projects? Sign up here.
Have questions or suggestions? Email with the subject line: “COVID-19 Candidate Support.”
To receive up-to-date alerts on new virtual opportunities for candidates, text “Resources” to 30644.