What to Know About Running During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the way candidates run their campaigns. The silver lining: the changes brought on by the pandemic have introduced new and innovative ways to do everything from holding events to fundraising. If you are thinking about running for office, check out some of the resources that will help you adapt to the changing climate and build a winning campaign. 

Campaigns and Coronavirus: What You Can Do Now

National Democratic Training Committee

Whether you realize it or not, COVID-19 is already affecting your race. Take a look at how NDTC will set you up for success in the middle of the pandemic.

Campaigning During A Pandemic: Local Candidates Get Creative

ABC News

Take a look at how a few candidates used technology and creativity to campaign in 2020.

How the Surging Virus Has Crashed Into Campaigning in Every Imaginable Way

New York Times

A real look at the way COVID-19 has altered the method candidates and campaign staffers can use to reach out to voters.

Political Fundraising During the Coronavirus Pandemic


A smart and simple guide to effective fundraising in the midst of a pandemic.