What to Think About Before Running 

If you are thinking about running for office there are a few things that potential candidates should consider before getting into the thick of it. Here are a few resources that might help you decide whether running for office is right for you. 

RFS Beginners Guide: Phase 1

Run for Something

Get to know about municipal offices and the work handled at the local level.

Run for Something: The Book 


The book that started it all. Check out RFS co-founder Amanda Litman’s book on running for state or local office.

So You Think You Want to Run?

National Democratic Training Committee

How to decide whether you want to run for office, what you want to run for, and when.

How To Run for Office: Tips For A Winning Campaign


If you’re thinking about running for office, check out some tips from NPR and political experts on what to expect.


Unapologetically Progressive Series

Run for Something

Hear directly from several RFS candidates on their races and decision to run for office.

RFS: The Podcast

Run for Something

Listen in to the RFS Podcast and hear from over 50 candidates on why they ran and the ups and downs of campaigning.

See Yourself Running

Run for Something

Check out our Youtube series about the realities of running for office as a member of a marginalized community.