Your Run for Something Onboarding Guide

Congrats on your endorsement! We’re truly excited to be supporting you on the road ahead. This onboarding guide details crucial next steps that need to be completed ahead of our public announcement of your endorsement. It also provides a full overview of our endorsement announcement timeline, campaign resources, and the exclusive benefits you now have access to as an endorsed candidate. The whole RFS Team is here for you — and we’re committed to helping you run a safe, successful campaign.

Resource 1: Time-Sensitive Next Steps

Run for Something

A checklist of steps you MUST take in order to complete the RFS endorsement process

Resource 2: How To Publicize Your Endorsement

Run for Something

A guide to announcing your endorsement on social media, in email, or to the press.

Resource 3: Support from RFS

Run for Something

A look into the specific support you can expect to gain from the RFS team and your exclusive regional director.

Resource 4: Alumni & Mentorship Support

Run for Something

A look at opportunities to be mentored by an RFS alum who has run a race similar to yours.

Resource 5: Campaign Resources

Run for Something

If you’re looking for support for your campaign, we’ve got you covered.