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BERGMANN ZWERDLING DIRECT is a leading national direct mail firm that provides persuasive print advertising and strategic guidance to Democratic candidates from coast to coast. They manage the targeting, planning, creative concepting, design, and writing of individually focused mail programs and pieces, tailored specifically for each campaign. And they oversee the production and mailing to ensure the pieces get dropped on time.

  • Take advantage of exclusive pricing for RFS candidates by contacting or call/text 202-744-6718 to connect.

CANVA is a great tool for easily creating social graphics and ads for digital platforms. Run for Something has a free account you can use! Be sure to check out our Canva User Guide!

KINETIC CAMPAIGNS is a proudly diverse political consulting firm with a specialty in persuasion direct mail. Known for their collaborative mentality and accessibility, Kinetic provides print advertising and strategic guidance to Democratic candidates up and down the ballot and across the country. They manage all components of production, from targeting and planning to creative concepting, design, copy, printing and mailing. Mail programs and pieces are tailored specifically for each campaign.

  • Take advantage of exclusive pricing for RFS candidates by contacting or call/text 858-945-7381 to connect.

SPEAKEASY POLITICAL helps to create and launch your digital ads — providing dynamic digital strategies to campaigns and causes up and down the ballot. With voter file integrations, custom creative, and access to near-real time digital reporting — SpeakEasy is proud to help amplify the voices of progressive candidates throughout the country.

  • Take advantage of a 15% discount on mail and digital! Use promo code “run4something” or contact and let them know that you’re a Run for Something endorsed candidate.


HUSTLE helps candidates and campaigns build, grow, and engage their audience at scale. Expand your reach, persuade undecided voters, crush fundraising goals, and turn out your base with Hustle. To learn more about how you can have personalized 1:1 conversations, blast one time announcements or create and send video or multimedia text messages contact D’Shawna at

  • Take advantage of discounted pricing through RFS by visiting this link.

SCALE TO WIN offers a feature packed peer to peer texting tool with robust training and support. They have offered RFS candidates texting at 1.5 cents per outbound segment (25% off their typical rate) and no charge for texts received. To learn more, schedule a demo, or to get started, just head to

  • Take advantage of the 25% discount by selecting “Run for Something” when completing the “Have you been endorsed by any of the following groups?” question on their website.

THRUTALK/THRUTEXT is a next-generation dialer that helps you reach cell phones and landlines. It’s fast, flexible, responsive, and syncs with VAN. Over 500 organizations have used ThruTalk to make hundreds of millions of dials.

  • Take advantage of a 10% discount through RFS by visiting their website and indicating that you are an RFS endorsed candidate.

TURBO PHONEBANK is a free phonebanking platform that you and your volunteers will love. Turn any Google Sheet into a phone bank with 2-tap calling, integrated follow-up text messaging to raise your contact rate, and multilingual script support. Its caller-friendly experience was built by a phonebanker to reduce training time and encourage volunteers.

UNIVERSE offers a down-ballot focused “campaign in a box” packed with features like P2P texting, phone banks, walk lists, volunteer management, and more at an affordable price that scales with your campaign. In supported counties, the basic voter data file is included in the subscription cost.

  • Take advantage of a 20% off their regular monthly subscription.To schedule a demo, or to claim your discount, use our affiliate link.

WILDFIRE CONTACT brings decades of combined experience in working on campaigns and with organizations at the ground level. Leaders in innovative campaign tactics, they have helped develop cutting-edge campaign strategy and have crafted winning mail plans in tough races across the country.

  • Take advantage of RFS’ referral discount by contacting and letting them know that you’re a Run for Something endorsed candidate.


CAMPAIGN DEPUTY is a leading donor relationship manager for Democratic and progressive campaigns offering clients a one-stop platform for fundraising, call time, email, contact management, and campaign finance compliance.

  • Take advantage of exclusive RFS pricing by visiting this link.

NGP is the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, as well as nonprofits, municipalities, and other groups, offering clients an integrated platform of the best fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, digital, and social networking products.

  • Take advantage of exclusive RFS pricing by visiting this link (Discount is for new customers only).


Since we launched in 2017, RFS has provided the first endorsement for hundreds of first-time candidates across the country.  Our early support often helps to open doors and usher in support from other progressive organizations. These groups recognize that RFS seeks to endorse the best-of-the-best when it comes to young progressives running for local office. As a result, RFS has developed strong relationships with dozens of like-minded progressive organizations. Now that you’re an endorsed candidate, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of a few special programs that we’ve set-up with partners.


Civic Power of Change is a one stop shop for all of your marketing campaign needs. CPC’s volunteer network of professionals can help your campaign with design and branding of logos, mailers, and other lit, website design and social media strategy, paid media strategy, speechwriting, media coaching, public relations, and more – whatever you need in marketing, advertising, and PR. 

Red2Blue Texting is a grassroots group with deep experience and proven success running P2P texting campaigns around the country. Since 2017, Red2Blue volunteers have sent messages on behalf of over 550 Democratic campaigns in 42 states — and texted over 13 million voters. While their priority is to flip state legislatures, they have worked for candidates at every level. Red2Blue Texting provides expert free labor and technical and creative expertise for peer-to-peer text campaigns.

  • Candidates can submit the form found here to request texting support.

The GAP Project is a data-driven, grassroots consortium seeking to connect Generation Z with political campaigns on the local, state, and national level. They have developed a quiz for students and campaigns that assess each party and creates a match based upon an algorithm. Their volunteers have completed a variety of tasks including, but not limited to phone and text banking, social media, graphic design and fundraising.

  • To begin receiving volunteers, please take this short quiz.


Arena trains, convenes, and supports the next generation of progressive staffers to find roles on your campaigns. On the Arena Careers platform, you can share job postings with their network of 10,000+ members, composed of Arena-trained staffers and progressive jobseekers from across the nation.

Arena also provides an Arena Toolbox, with tools and resources for jobseekers and employers alike. Check out the Job Description tool for guidance on how to write strong, concise, equitable job descriptions. Click here to learn more about Arena Careers Resources.

Blue Leadership Collaborative (BLC) recruits, retains, trains, and develops campaign managers who are people of color, women, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. BLC’s intentional and intensive program provides leadership development, skills training, ongoing mentorship, and on-the-job experience for rising Democratic professionals. BLC has an alumni network of over 50 experienced campaign leaders. Reach out to share job descriptions and your management staffing needs:

National Democratic Training Committee (NDTC) is happy to share their NDTC Trained Staff Resume Bank. These individuals are all graduates of NDTC’s Staff Academy (Fundraising, Communications, Digital) or Democratic Strategy Institute (Field) programs. These are intensive 8-10 week programs that these leaders applied and interviewed to join and passed a series of assessments demonstrating their mastery of core skills.

Their alumni know to expect cold calls that may come from the resume bank. You can also email if you’d like their team to share your job listing more broadly.


ActBlue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering small-dollar donors. They make it easy for grassroots supporters to make their voices heard and enable thousands of Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, and nonprofits to build people-powered movements with our powerful online fundraising tools. Please contact Michelle Ngwafon at for help setting up your account.

Analyst Institute is a clearinghouse for evidence on voter and supporter contact and engagement programs. As an Analyst Group member, you will receive the Analyst Institute’s weekly Digest emails, can attend Analyst Group events and trainings and will receive a login to the Analyst Group website to access their research repository, toolkits, training recordings and more. 

Join today (it’s free!) and put “Run for Something Endorsed Candidate” under “How did you hear about us?”  You can also discuss campaign strategy directly with Analyst Institute staff in a number of ways:

OpenCampaign is a curated open source library with the best field-tested resources created by campaign staff. It was created by alumni of progressive campaigns in the U.S. This library is meant to inspire the next generation to successfully build campaigns of their own—without spending weeks building new templates and trackers.


Climate Cabinet Action helps state legislature candidates + utility board candidates run, win, and legislate on the climate crisis. They provide campaign resources and district-specific info on clean energy jobs, air pollution, polling, and the incumbents’ climate voting record (for state legislatures). Contact to learn more!

The Democracy Policy Network (DPN) is an interstate network that organizes policy support for the next generation of state leaders working to deepen democracy in statehouses across America. By organizing policy experts, volunteer researchers, and statehouse leaders to gather, organize, and amplify a transformative, deep-dive policy agenda spanning every state issue, we aim to accelerate the democratic transformation of America. To stay plugged into the Democracy Policy Network, select how you would like to be involved here:

Equis is working to create a better understanding of Latino communities, invest in innovative approaches to reach and engage them, and uplift the Latinx leaders of tomorrow who will implement and carry forward this important work. Since 2019, we have served as a hub of Latino polling, qualitative insights, and data, with analysis based on over 40,000 interviews, focus groups, online journals, ethnographies, and vote simulations. Equis is a leader in digital innovation, focused on message testing and experiments, anti-disinformation tracking, and digital capacity-building for grassroots groups. Equis is also committed to developing Latino leaders across the progressive space, serving as a convener of organizations and individuals leading Latinx-focused programs. 

We also encourage you to check out the National Democratic Training Committee (NDTC). The NDTC is the best place to get the training resources you need to launch or build on a successful campaign. Trainings are available in-person and online, and have an emphasis on local and down-ballot candidates.

Vera Action, the independent 501(c)(4) sister organization of the Vera Institute of Justice, conducts robust public opinion research and message testing to understand what voters truly want when it comes to crime and safety. Their messaging frame, developed through 18 months of research, has been tested with base and persuasion audiences, and represents the opinions of voters from urban, suburban, and rural areas, and across racial and ethnic communities. Vera Action provides evidence-based messaging resources, virtual briefings, and general support to candidates hoping to deliver an effective message about preventing crime, delivering safety, and promoting justice. To connect with the Vera Action team, please contact Insha Rahman ( and Siri Danielson (


Run for Something partners with other progressive organizations to support more young, diverse candidates running for office across the country.  Many of these organizations also provide candidates endorsements, and we encourage you to apply. Click here for information on RFS Partner Endorsements.