How To Reach Out To Voters

Building a strong voter base can make or break your campaign. Learn how to reach out to voters, engage them on their issues, and ensure they come out on Election Day.


Targeting Voters

National Democratic Training Committee

Take this course to learn how to target voters by voter history, demographic data, and geography and identify specific groups of voters to comprise your Persuasion universe.

Campaign Targeting


Check out this guide that shows you how to approach building lists of voters for the purposes of persuasion or turnout.

Relational Organizing 101 

National Democratic Training Committee

Take this course to understand more about how relationships and social pressure impact individual behavior and how to prepare supporters to assess, engage, and mobilize their personal networks.

VoteBuilder 101

National Democratic Training Committee

Get a look at how to create lists of voters for targeted outreach, including your base and persuasion voters, as well as, develop walking lists and maps for your campaign’s canvassing efforts.

Candidate Political Campaign Field Plan Template

National Democratic Training Committee

A field plan is a comprehensive blueprint detailing the exact goals, targets, deadlines, and tactics needed to meet your vote goal and win. Learn how to build one that will help you reach the finish line. 

Running For Local Office? You Need This Number to Win


Learn how to project the number of votes you need to win and how to estimate the number of base voters whose votes you can count on.


Campaign Textbanking Guide

Run for Something

An overview of peer-to-peer texting, platforms, and different types of campaigns.

Call Out The Vote

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

an easy, cheap, and effective phone-banking program that connects campaigns to thousands of voters within seconds.