How To Plan Your Budget

Your ability to fundraise and manage a budget will make or break your campaign. Dig in to a few basic resources on financial compliance, agenda setting, and building a smart fundraising plan.

Setting Up Your the Financial Part of Your Campaign: Step by Step

Run for Something

Learn how to set up your bank account, tax employer identification number, and set yourself up to appropriately track campaign expenses for financial disclosures.

Campaign Toolkit Budget


Where do you invest? Where do you pull back? This resource will teach you how to create a smart budget to get you to Election Day.

Writing Your Fundraising Plan

National Democratic Training Committee

A simple, sure-fire way to flesh out your financial goals for each quarter of your campaign.

Making an Effective Fundraising Pitch

National Democratic Training Committee

Simply put: learn how to effectively ask someone to donate to your campaign (without pissing them off.) 

Budgeting & Financial Compliance

National Democratic Training Committee

There are lots of rules to running for office. Make sure you know them all as you get started.

Campaign Events

National Democratic Training Committee

Yes, event planning is a part of campaigning as well. Take this course to figure out how to create an event that will meet your campaign’s goals and organize your event’s logistics.