How To Get Started

 If you’ve decided to run, there are a few legal rules and requirements you will have to follow in order to get on the ballot. Make sure you are meeting all of your state’s requirements to run for something. (But note: We’re not lawyers! So if you’re not sure, check with counsel.) 

Running for Office: Beginner’s Guide Phase 2

Run for Something

Now that you’ve decided what office to run for, it’s time to get started on filing, research, and a lot of paperwork.

Run for Something: State Guides 

Run for Something

Check out our guide on all 50 states and the qualifications needed to get on the ballot. 

Getting Your Campaign Off the Ground

National Democratic Training Committee

Election rules can change based on what city and state you’re running in, and they’re different for each office; i.e. a mayoral vs. a state legislative race. Learn how these rules might govern your campaign.