How To Prepare Your Campaign

Here are a few resources to help you build a solid foundation for your campaign plan.

Running For Local Office? You Need This Number to Win


Learn how to project the number of votes you need to win and how to estimate the number of base voters whose votes you can count on.

Campaign Glossary


This glossary will help you to build your campaign vocabulary and successfully navigate a world where “universe” refers to a list of voters.

8 Steps to Launching Your Political Campaign


Your launch day should be one of the biggest fundraising and outreach days of your campaign. Check out this simple, sure-fire way to launch a successful campaign.

Understanding the Democratic Party

National Democratic Training Committee

Learn the different organizations within the Democratic Party and how to identify the functions of the different elected offices.

Political Campaign Plan Template and Guide

National Democratic Training Committee

On every political campaign, there are many moving parts. A campaign plan allows you to manage the many different parts of your campaign with ease and sets you up for success.

Candidate Political Campaign Field Plan Template

National Democratic Training Committee

A field plan is a comprehensive blueprint detailing the exact goals, targets, deadlines, and tactics needed to meet your vote goal and win. Learn how to build one that will help you reach the finish line. 

Strategic Scheduling

National Democratic Training Committee

As a candidate, it can be challenging to manage all of the events, responsibilities, meetings, and deadlines associated with your campaign. Learn how to make a plan to organize your campaign life and set priorities.

Opposition & Self-Research

Run for Something

Self-vetting is one of the most important things a potential candidate should do before launching a campaign. Dive deeper into what it takes to understand your opponent and what it will take to beat them.


Cybersecurity Campaign Playbook

Harvard Kennedy School

Simple, actionable information that will make your campaign’s information more secure from adversaries

10 Things You and Your Grassroots Organization Can do to Improve Your Digital Security

Nick Catalano

Check out these 10 steps you can take to prevent cyber attacks from happening — or at least make it more difficult for the attacker(s).