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Dotie Joseph

Getting it Done Award

Dotie Joseph is a Florida State Representative who has worked to pass bills supporting some of our most vulnerable communities, including survivors of domestic violence and transient residents. 

Lina Hidalgo

Meeting the Moment Award

There are few elected officials that measure up to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. In the past four months, Lina has worked tirelessly to protect the people of Harris County, Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her efforts have included safety measures ranging from masks orders and funding for testing to permanent housing for homeless and transient residents. Right now Lina is still continuing to fight for the 4 million+ residents of Harris County despite heavy pushback from the Governor.

Brianna Titone

I AM History Award

In 2018, Brianna made history as the first transgender candidate elected in Colorado state. Since taking office, she has sponsored legislation, advocating for affordable cancer treatment, banning conversion therapy, and pushing for inclusive policies to support CO’s trans community. 

Anna Eskamani

Virtual Vanguard Award

Since her first campaign in 2018, Florida Rep Anna Eskamani has become a leading figure in campaign innovation, changing the blueprint for constituent engagement and mobilization. 

Now, in the era of COVID-19, Anna continues to push the envelope, using creative methods to inform, educate, and support people across Florida.

Tay Anderson

Champion of Change Award

In 2019, Tay Anderson became the youngest member of the Denver, Colorado School Board. Since taking office, Tay has championed (and helped pass) bills on mental health services, gender neutral bathrooms, and most recently the removal of Denver PD from ALL public schools in the city. 


Cocktail of the Night: T&T [ Tomato & Tonic ]

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Brad Langdon has been involved in the hospitality industry for almost a decade. In 2018, he moved to DC and took over the bar program at the Dabney where he and his team earned two consecutive nominations for “best American restaurant bar” from the tales of the cocktail foundation.

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