Party For Something - Frequently Asked Questions

So, What is Party For Something?

Party For Something (PFS) is our biggest annual event celebrating progressive local candidates and activists across the country. Working in conjunction with Run For Something Action Fund, Party For Something is a fun and friendly space to connect with current representatives, grassroots organizers, and just about anyone interested in helping build the progressive bench, plus hear from amazing speakers!


What Are The Date And Time For PFS?

Because of COVID-19 we are currently in a holding pattern, however we anticipate Party for Something to happen in May 2020. 


Where is it?

You’ll receive the location once you purchase a ticket. We promise it’s an amazing spot!


Ok, But What Does This Event Actually Entail?

Let’s be clear, PFS is not your ~standard~ event. There will be music, games, food, booze, and plenty of time to meet, mingle and chill out. During the event, you will hear from our keynote speaker, Cory Booker!


Who’s Going To Be There??

Expect to meet folks from across the progressive political and advocacy spectrum. This includes representatives from dozens of progressive organizations such as NARAL, Indivisible, and Swing Left as well as activists and organizers across the country…and — of course– our badass candidates.


You Keep Mentioning These Candidates, What’s The Big Deal With Them?

We are so proud of the hard work our candidates put in during the 2018 midterms,we want to celebrate their commitment to change. During the event we will also hold our second annual #PFS2020 Alumni Awards, honoring two bright new political stars. To vote in for your favorite candidate, go here!


How Much Are Tickets?

We are mindful of the different people and groups that are interested in attending and want to ensure that every person (regardless of income) has the opportunity to join. To inquire about purchasing a ticket, please contact 

Also, keep your eyes peeled for discounts on Twitter 😉.


I’m Interested In Becoming A Sponsor, How Do I Do That?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for Party For Something, please contact our Development Director, Robert Wrasse at For more general details, please check out our Party For Something sponsor page.