Ugochukwu Okere

Chicago Alderperson, 40th Ward, IL

Ugo Okere is a community organizer and Nigerian immigrant who is running to be the next 40th Ward Alderman on Chicago’s City Council. Ugo has organized for racial and economic justice across Chicago, and is working to create a city council that will put working people and community accountability first.

He has worked as organizer with Anakbyan Chicago, served as chairman of Fuerza del Sol, worked in the Chicago City Clerk’s Office and the Chicago Federal Executive Board, and is currently the community engagement coordinator with the Evanston City Clerk’s Office. Ugo received his Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor’s of Social Work from Loyola University Chicago.

A member of the Democratic Socialists of America, Ugo is dedicated to progressive policies and shaping a ward and city that works for all.