Jordan Johnson

City Council Member, Nacogdoches Northeast Ward, TX

Jordan is running for City Council in her rural hometown in the East Texas Pineywoods. She returned to Nacogdoches after moving away for college and graduate school. She is currently completing her dissertation on environmental justice and feminist theory, and is determined to bring her questions and concerns about sustainability and social justice to local government in East Texas. Jordan has experience in teaching, editorial management, grant writing, committee service, and community advocacy. She has worked as an academic and activist in Georgia and Central Texas, but believes that true change begins at home and is excited about the possibilities for cultivating progressive politics in the Pineywoods. As a 5th generation East Texan and the first openly LGBTQ candidate in Nacogdoches, Jordan is committed to making the Pineywoods a more democratic place to call home and excited to continue working with her community to bring a fresh outlook to the oldest town in Texas.