Joe Preston

South Carolina House of Representatives 112th District, SC
Joe Preston is running for the South Carolina House from the 112th District, a seat that had gone unopposed since 1996. He and his wife of ten years are adoptive parents of 2 ten year old boys. Their boys were adopted after struggling through 5 years of failed infertility treatments. Prior to becoming adoptive parents, he was a foster parent for children with complex medical needs. After high school he worked with adults with disabilities and mental processing delays. At age 19, he joined the local volunteer fire department. He spent the next 13 years juggling the demands of a job, volunteer work, fire school, and family. While in the fire service, he rose through the ranks, becoming Lieutenant in 2001, and eventually Captain in 2008. He was nominated Firefighter of the Year for 3 consecutive years and was also named a "top responder". Now Joe looks to take the skills he learned in the fire service to bring true ethical leadership to the South Carolina legislature.